Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nothin but hits...apparently...

Big up's to these ladies, man, Get Em' Mamis (GEM)...is truly outrageous, truly truly truly outrageous. Too much? Yes...no? Well anyway, props go out to Symphony (on the left with the hoops) and Roxzi (the one on th right given me a half chub), I'm impressed and I dig the music. To be able to get your ONE single...no mixtape, no album, no download...into the Top 100 amongst other things, thats dope. Then to get in there one slot ABOVE the most remixed song of the year. The single Cold Summer was on the sound track for HBO's The Wire. I think it's commendable that the producers, or whoever picks out the damn music, are lookin at relative unknowns and new comers to the game to round out their sountracks. Remember Charles Hamilton on Entourage this season? How about Saigon on Entourage the 2nd and 3rd seasons? Ya hear me knockin...well lemme in!!!
Here's what GEM and Darkroom Produc had to say about being included:
Feels good to be in between (pause) two of the most critically
acclaimed acts of the year (and over the most ubiquitous hip-hop song
of '08). Props to Rolling Stone for recognizing The Get Em' Mamis
(Darkroom produced) banger "Cold Summer" as one of the best singles of
2008. Also, props to Fader Magazine for including "Cold Summer" on it's
'08 Favorites playlist on their radio show "The Let Out". The thing
that makes us most proud to make this list, (besides being one of the
only unsigned acts on the list) is the fact that "Cold Summer" is the
ONLY song the girls released this year. They had no mixtape, no street
album, no free download, NOTHING but "Cold Summer". But that is all
about to change.

Sorry, I had to do it...had to be done. Peep the video below...Catch I think they could definitely use your help on this one. I've seen worse though...know what I'm sayin?

What up B-more? Whoa Noooooowww...man I used to love that joint. What up 80 Dimes? What up Sisqo? Mario? The Inner Harbor was one of the coolest places to kick it, when I used to frequent B-more. You know, all the street performers and the crew teams rowing through. Anyway, check the songs below and then head on over to their myspace and show some love. Peace.

Alright y'all, thats it for me. It's nappy time, somebody gotta go back to work tonight. Roxzi, get at me mami!!! I'mma be in DC on Jan 18th for the big day on the 20th. HAHA...peace.

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MyOwn said...

GEM is the business..Cold Summer is one of my fav tracks of all times to listen to.