Saturday, January 31, 2009


50-cent 71145418CB001_Daz

So, normally I’d rather choke on my tongue than talk about these two fuckos, but who doesn’t enjoy good beef?  Personally I like a good New York – filet if I can afford it – but today we’ve got sirloin takin’ on a big ol’ chuck roast.  Who comes out on top????

Curtis Jackson                     vs                 William Roberts

50%20cent rosstrilla

parishilton_50cent rick_ross

(P.S. – I know da Boss’ pic is blurry, but does it really matter here?)

        females-strength_clip_image002 FatAssRoss

Even after all that, I still wasn’t sure who I thought would win this one.  Luckily, the roided one himself chimed in to remind me of one very important thing: he is fucking crazy!

Not only is a couple pennies short of sane (like 50 of ‘em), but let us not forget that he drinks a shitload of Vitamin Water!  Plus I fucking hate that no-talent ass-clown of a corrections officer. 

So, my pick for winner is… (drumroll) The Good Captain:


Fiddy or Da Boss…who you got?


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