Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Milli reasons...

...why I hate Lil' Wayne. But as much as I hate F. Weezy, I hate Skip Bayless even more! I mean, I've had to suffer through this no-talent ass-clown talking about my favorite teams. And honestly, I'd rather get a fucking root canal sans Novocain. But apparently, that was nothing. Now he wants to desecrate my beloved hip hop with his down-syndrome-drivel?

Purple...fucking...Rain?!? Really...Skip? And did he say "Thaaa Carter 3?" Words can't express the hatred I have for this man. And it takes a lot to render me speechless.


P.S. - Gluttons for punishment can watch the whole hour of this shit beginning with Part 1 of 5 here. Woo. (UPDATE: turns out it's only 1/2 hour - thank GOD!! - and you can watch it in it's entirety here if you so desire.)

P.S.S. - Yes, Wayne whispers through the whole thing. Apparently saving his voice so he can gasp out some more Grammy-award nominations. Well-deserved I might add!

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