Friday, January 30, 2009

Just need to pine for a minute...

You loved it when I pushed your buttons
or ran my fingers in small circles over your dial.
You used to light up when we connected
and I filled you up.
Your light shone bright 
in the dark of night.
I never wanted to leave you
but I turned turned around
and you were gone.

This is an ode to my lost iPod.

P.S. I hope the person that cleaned the Comm(i)air commuter flight from Cincinnati to Washington DC enjoys the 7514 songs as much as I did.


catch91 said...

Wow. You really have reached a new level of gayness. Sorry for your loss.

cephas said...

wait wait . . . i hope that Ipod was female?! either way I'll pour out some liquor for your Ipod.