Thursday, January 8, 2009

The First Rapper to Oppose a Frown...

JonHope! It's Rhode Island's own, Jon Hope (I know, right? There's rappers in Rhode Island? Wow!). I ran across this video over at The Rap Up, and not only was I impressed with the art-direction and overall style of the clip, the cut itself is fatter than any Providence deli grinder. Peep game:

Folks, it ain't easy to make a one-camera, one-shot, black and white video worth watching. Anyway, not familiar with this cat, so I did a little more diggin'/listenin'/readin' aaaaannndddd...I'm pretty impressed. Dude is lyrically gifted (I swiped the title from one of his cuts), and I'm feeling the beats I've heard thus far. He's got a new joint dropping in 11 days (there's a countdown clock on hisspace), and a debut set to drop sometime soon. So I'll wait until I hear that for full approval. But until then, I got my 40 on ice just waiting to be cracked for the first listen.



P.S. - Statik Selektah-hosted mixtape is available here, but I can't get the motherfucker since IE8 and zSHARE don't play nice together. Help me B!

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Anonymous said...

one of the only rappers in rhode island we are proud of... the rest are nonsense. He is making up for blu cantrells lying ass!!!