Sunday, January 11, 2009

B-boys ARE hip-hop...

Although I usually like to chill on the weekend and focus my efforts away from AYCE for once, I just finished watching a documentary that was dope. It is called Inside the Circle and it "tells the story of two strikingly talented b-boys, Josh and Omar, former best friends who become rivals when they join competing dance crews. Immersed in the b-boy culture of defiant creativity, Omar rises to international renown while Josh tangles with the Texas criminal justice system." You can read more about it here. I thought this movies was dope, I think it shows the love and passion that b-boys and b-girls have for dance and what they are willing to sacrifice for it. Peep the trailer below...

You can catch it on MTV all this week along with Planet B-Boy or you can cop it here or here. Here is the remaining MTV schedule: Sun Jan 11 - 6 PM PST/EST (5 PM CST); Wed Jan 14 - 8 AM PST/EST  (7 AM CST). So catch it if you can...!

While were on the subject of b-boy crews...for those of you not in the 206 should know that we have one of the dopest b-boy crews in the WORLD here...the Massive Monkees.  According to the all knowing Wikipedia:
"The Massive Monkees have competed in both national and international battles and competitions. Their first major Bboy title was won at the 2000 Bboy Summit, when Juseboogy and Twixx took the 2-man title. Since then they have won dozens of other prestigious titles including the 2004 4-0n-4 “World Bboy championships”[4] that took place at London’s Wembley Arena where they beat 32 other Crews to take the title.[5] They were also Uk Champs in 2006."
I have seen this crew perform on a few occasions and they are ridiculous, fa real. Each member has a little something different that he/she brings to the table.  Looks like the Massive Monkees documentary/instructional video is out and poppin. Check out the trailer below, and here when you wanna buy it!

Heres a couple more Massive Monkees videos for your enjoyment purposes only! They are the crew on the left in this first one...

Alright y'all, there is playoff football to be watched...peace.

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