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An AYCE first...


Thats right kiddos, it's another AYCE first. Here at AYCE we get a lot of email each and every day with MP3s attached (as I'm sure most blogs do), links to a myspace, or some zShare download link that Catch is unable to listen/download which, in turn, means more work for me. I'm not bitter though, really I'm not. Geezus, when do I have to stop carrying your ass. Anyway, some is decent, some is bad, and some...well some is garbage. Then you get those cats that, you can just hear the potential there. Not all their stuff is fiya, but sometimes you just go "Ohhh, shit"...remember Mike Classic? Can't tell me he wasn't nice. This brings us to our first official artist profile. Fuze sent some MP3s and a myspace and we checked it out and liked the potential of what we heard. Dude is a MAD lyricist, and with proper production has the potential to be a beast. I will put some of the songs that caught our attention. So without further adieu, I give you Fuze:
Benny: So I have already introduced you, my bad, but let everyone know where are you from?
Fuze: I was born in Smyrna, Georgia and reside in Marietta,Georgia. I also lived in Mississippi for a while.
B: Marietta, Georgia, eh? So what's the hip-hop scene like there in Marietta?
F: The hip hop scene here is mostly dictated by Atlanta, which is about 15 minutes away. Atlanta is all over the place musically. There is definitely not a breeding ground for lyrical artists and as far as radio goes, it's a pretty generic 106 and park spin off. The up and comers, for the most part, who get shined, are club hoppers. Don't get me wrong they can move a party and have a good time,but its just not my niche. Some of the most talented artists lyrically here can only be found in secluded spots such as Apache cafe or on the net(shouts to J.Nolan).
B: I guess I didn't realize that Marietta was so close to Hotlanta. Atlanta is definitely a hub for hip-hop with Outkast and Ludacris consistently seen as tops in the game. Isn't the rapper who shall not be named from there too?? So, how old are you and when did you start spittin?
F: I'm currently 17 years old and I actually started spitting last year about the same time in February.
B: This time last, thats pretty dope. I imagine it all hasn't been as as nice as some of the music that we have heard from you lately. Do you remember your first rhyme?
F: First song I ever wrote was actually for a last minute project about the regions of Georgia in 7th grade. All i can remember is "Costal, Blue Ridge, Appalachian too, Ridge and Valley Piedmont, come on get a clue." It was so bad I could never have imagined I would take music seriously in the future.
B: Haha, well I now have a new outlook on your skills and I think that is interview is over. Just 
playin.... Alright, so I gotta go there. So I've seen the video...well wasn't the greatest video but was that you spittin for Blu right? If so how was that, knowing that he is like "everybody's favorite rapper" right now? I mean, have you heard dude freestyle, it's a good thing he didn't think you were tryin to battle or something.
F: Yea man, that situation is strange on so many levels its ridiculous. Prior to the days leading up to A3C I had never even heard of Blu to be perfectly honest. About a week before the concert(s) my friend, and producer, Zoom put me on to him and I went out and bought, yes actually physically bought Below the Heavens and was an instant fan. What' s funny is that at that moment in the video, after I spit the first set of bars, I felt he had an aire like "thats dope, but i don't really know about you as an mc". So I went back in and did this song called "Track Tears" that I wrote a while back and right after I was finished he was like, "So you need production?" It was really unreal, I hit him up on myspace that night and a couple days later he sent me a beat, he produced, that I have yet to release. The song is so ill, I feel it needs a proper release so I'm holding on to it. As far as battle...whoever, whenever, wherever, haha. I was actually a lot more nervous when I spit for Gemstones (also an influence) of FnF on FiascoFamRadio.

B: You spit for Gemstones too, okay, I see you.  So, we have Blu and Gemstones, who are some of your influences?
F: It gets a little sticky when I start to name drop influences, for more than one reason. First, I always leave someone out and end up regretting it. Second, people start to compare, which isn't always a bad thing, but i like to stand on my own music's ground. I mean I hate to state the obvious ones... Lupe, Nas, Common, Kweli, Black Thought, and Mos Def. Some you might not expect that influence my music in their own ways are Cassidy, Joe Budden, T. Double Turbo, Stevie Wonder, and Willie Evans Jr. If you don't know who any of them are then google them ASAP.
B: C'mon Joe, did you forget the name...All You Can Eat Hip-Hop, of course we know "Baby there's a hacksaw in your cake" Cassidy, and Joe "Padded Rooms will be out next week" Budden! Those are all good people to have influence your music. How did you come up with the moniker "Fuze"?
F: The need for the name came from my original name "Future the t**** t*******" being way too long. I just needed something short and to the point. I starred out the end because I have some pretty awful music, under that name, floating around the internet from when I was finding myself musically with no equipment. Fuze just sounds short for Future. However the name itself has multiple meanings. The origins lie in a old cartoon I loved when I was younger called DragonBallZ and GT. In the later episodes of the show two extremely powerful people could perform a fusion to become one even more powerful and virtually unstoppable even if the two people were complete opposites (refer to Vegeta and Goku). This alludes to my ability to merge very different styles and concepts fluidly mid song or even mid verse to make an impact. Many people classify themselves as a "punchline rapper" or a "conscious rapper" or "swag rapper"or "backpack rapper". I don't think they are types of rappers rather just abilities certain MC's have. I, fortunately enough, was blessed with a talent for most of them and can move in and out of each of the different styles "fuzing" them together. Sort of like a being adept in multiple forms of martial arts.

B: Man, all you young cats these days and your video game and cartoon character influences. Charles Hamilton and Sonic, you and DragonBallZ and GT, XV and...oh hell I forget.??????? Well, at least you picked Fuze and not Vegeta. So what's with the Friday the 13th Jason mask cause it's kinda funny?
F: Honestly.....I just like the mask...haha.  Maybe I am just subconsciously jealous of MF Doom's mask...(again another influence didn't mention).
B: Shit, I'm jealous of that mask...or Frankestein's mask in Death Race.  Either one would be bad ass...*throws up rock-n-roll index and pinkie finger*. I gotta get me a good mask, fa sho! What's on the horizon for Fuze, what can we expect from you in the future?
F: I have a new mixtape/lp/collection of songs finished and it will be out soon. I'm just trying to get music finished and heard. I work with a music dynasty on the rise called S.O.V. and people in Stars 'n Spaceships. I'm looking to do some free collabo's at the moment, bounce some energy back and forth, and grow faster lyrically. Rare Candies! Oh yeah and I'm off to college in August!

B: Ahhh, college, the good ol'days...not a care in the world. No mortgage, no bills, no drama...that was the life. Well, thanks for taking the time to chill with me for a minute and we definitely look forward the the mixtape you got comin out. Any ideas on a drop date and/or title for all the people out there?
F: Drop date is some time really early February or maybe even sooner just all depends on how feel. I might release it tomorrow. Track list is already up to 20 and I think I'm going to have to do some cutting. The title is Life: Soul/Flesh and its broken up into two sections; one for soul and one for flesh. The name comes from a Christian concept of have two separate organisms inside of you "flesh and soul". It opens me up to do both types of hip hop music I like doing...more than likely someone who loves one half will hate the other.It's risky, but it's me.

Fuze - Heartless Remix

So there you have it, hopefully, you're still with us and didn't just skip to the free music bitches. As usual, if you like what you hear...shoot over to Fuze's myspace and show some love. Be on the lookout for the mixtape/LP/EP comin soon to...the internet. Alright, my plane is about to land in Cincinnati en-route to Washington DC. plane finally landed in Washington DC after 2 hr delay and a woman on the plane having "chest pain". Apparently it wasn't enough for her to have "chest pain" on the FIRST flight, she had to go and get on my flight as well....fuuuuuck why me?! Time for me to partake in some adult beverages! Expect some pics from the Jay-Z Pre-Inaugural Gala and a Wale show in the next few days. Don't hate me cause you ain't me!!! Peace.


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