Friday, December 12, 2008

WTF: Airport edition...

What better time to write a fucking blog than when you are sitting in the airport in the middle of bumfuck nowhere and they just happen to have a wireless connection (thank you god) top it all off my plane is late. Security is closed...yes closed. I guess thats one way to prevent terrorism, close security and not let anyone through to the gates.

I digress, todays picture was taken after a Seahawks game a couple weeks ago. Now there are a couple of things that get my goat with this picture. First, and foremost, what THE fuck is going on with this dudes hair...? Seriously, white dudes should not wear cornrows...especially not ones with cornrows between the rows and neat little designs!

Second...the leather Seahawks jacket. I'm not hating on the fact that he's wearin a Hawks Jacket...I'm reppin the old school hat right now.  Seahawks Hat.jpgJust sayin, does it have to be LEATHER. Damn, you got it pimpin...I think he got a pinkie ring too! Funny thing is, I got caught taking this picture by a couple standing next to me and we had a discussion about how big a douche this guy really is...I'm just sayin. Alright, security is now open and I am permitted to go to the gate. Peace.


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