Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mos DEFinitely...

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So Catch and I make it out to see a lot of shows here in Seattle, but one thing is for certain, we do have our favorites. Last Saturday we risked life and limb in the blizzard and made it to the Mos Def show at The Moore Theatre. Man, you gotta love Mos Def, seriously one of the illest entertainers in the business, but I think we were just as excited to see Dyme Def.

Dyme Def Jungle.jpg

I'm tellin ya, if you have slept on these cats you need to WAKE UP, walk outside in the snow, form a good sized ice ball, and slam it right into your nuts. Fa real, these dudes bring it to EVERY, swag, fun...they got it all. Each of them, Fearce Vil, SEV, and Brainstorm play off one another on the stage, have strong smooth delivery, and with beats by Brainstorm and Bean One all is good. The worst part is that they cut Dyme short this night and then made us wait forever for Mos to take the stage, meanwhile Dyme was wanderin through the crowd wanting to still be rockin the show. Peep the video below of them performing TheGameNeedsMe, damn near risked my life again trying to get this cause they were crackin down on recordin and peep the link for another new track...cause Dyme has a plan for 2009! Check out the message from beat maker/producer Bean One: "Aight so we have been in the studio ever since i met these guys a few years back. we have done a few substantial releases, in the past 2 years, but i tell ya thats not enough for me, and or us.. SO WERE ABOUT TO BE BOMBARDING THE INTERNET BLOGS, CORNERS, RADIOS, DJAYS, CARSYSTEMS, HOUSEHOLDS, EX EX.. will be releasing a song every 2 weeks or so, until the release of our EP some time in January. From then we will be releasing an EP every 2 months. MUCH MORE TO COME...Sincerely, Bean One." So keep an eye out...

and as promised...

Dyme Def - Jungle

So Like I said, there was a fair amount of time between Dyme Def and Mos Def, admittedly, Mos said they had some trouble gettin to the theater...and with the weather outside that night I tend to believe him. I guess I can forgive him this once. Mos Def.JPG For me, Mos encompasses the term "entertainer"...he raps, sings, acts, does spoken word, and we all know he can freestyle his ass off. You know if the title says "Mos Def freestyle" that he ain't fakin the funk. Dude came out and just ripped it...completely. I think he must have played is entire new album, set to drop in March I think he said, and from what I heard it is gonna hot. For the life of my though, I can't remember the names to any of the songs I must've been too busy bobbin my head to think to remember. That being said, if y'all were there or know the names hit us up in the comment section or email and let us know. So peep a couple videos and let us know what you think...and please for give the quality of the video...damn red lights, it's more about the sound anyway, right? Peace.

Update: So the joint below is called Twilight Speedball and was produced by Chad Hugo of The Neptunes.

Update: This one is called Auditorium and produced by Madlib.

Also peep the here for more videos...

Oh shit, I almost forgot...SHOUT OUT to "nurse" Roxanne for saving the life of the guy that passed out. You know ya boy had it on lock but you came in, flashed your big ass ( . )( . ), and I am almost positive, saved the day. Shit, I ain't mad, I got a good look too!!!

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