Friday, December 5, 2008

Fresh from the inbox...

Classic cover.jpg

Well kiddies have I got a little treat for you...Mike Classic. Don't hate the name till you hear the tape. This cat has been gettin large play since I got this out the inbox a few days ago. Classic is a 17 year old cat from Queens, that claims to have started rappin at age 9 and been influenced by Nas. Dude is way fresher than most garbage you see around these parts. Production and samples are on point, delivery and lyrics is nice, I like it. I like the way dude can go from "hipster/backpacker" to "grimey" (fuck I hate those labels) from one song to the next and make it work without seeming like a sucka. Mike Classic goes in on Wale's Nike Boots that is pretty ill..."ching-a-ling, ring, ring, bling, bling on my wrist from here to Sing Sing/Gotta bitch with lips lookin like a porn star, Filipino, call her Lingling."

Mike Classic - Nike Boots Classic Remix


When it's Playoff Mode is a easy listen that will have you nodding your head from track to track...and the NBA sound bites will take you back to the days of Michael, Kevin Johnson posterizing Hakeem, or Starks bangin on Horace and MJ. Come on though...even Classic couldn't avoid the lure of the damn Autotune...? I mean it is just the hook and the background but still...just sayin. When is the autotune going to end? I do still kinda like the track though. So I'mma post up the mixtape, or you can go to his myspace and get it there. I'm also gonna post a couple videos here for your viewing pleasure. Tell me that those aren't the illest sneakers ever...ayo Mike I'mma need you to send me those kicks for the promotion. What, you thought shit was free homey...haha.

Mike Classic - When It's Playoff Mode Mixtape

Freestyle or not, that shit is hot...Peace.


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cephas said...

Last night when I was drunk some a dat shit sounded nice. Tonight - not feelin' it so much. Maybe I need a 40. Ha!