Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Come Along and Ride on a...

I was perusing my favorite postin' spots (as usual) and ran across a video I just had to put up here. As you may or may not remember, B told y'all I'm a fan of Bambu. One listen to "I Scream Bars for the Children" and I was sold. Bam's latest release, "...exact change...", isn't quite as good as Bars, but it's filthy nonetheless. You can hear/feel the growth he made between the two joints, both as an artist and as a man. Back to the reason for the babble: I caught the shorter music video version of "Crooks & Rooks" over at Blind I (Ed. note: sorry about the mispelling earlier). Let me just say this: The video is a fantastic voyage (pun intended). Remember that Coolio shit? This shares some similarities to that video from the days: Dream sequence, ridin' in a '65 (at least it looks like one, but I'm about as far from mechanically inclined as Soulja Boy is from a rapper), and ending with him rolling home. But before you think I'm clowning, "Crooks & Rooks" is anything but some corny dude with a corny doo making a corny crossover video. This shit is tremendously well done. The story, the shooting, the black & white...it all adds up to an instant classic. Then I clicked through and watched the short film version, and it's even better. Alright, alright, I'm done. Watch the video.

Apparently the "Making Of" drops New Years Day here. Based on the quality of this video, it should be worth watching!

MeFatHead_v2 1-4Forty

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