Thursday, December 11, 2008

Damn Chuck...

Sonic's on another level as the video for Brooklyn Girls finally dropped.  It was worth the wait.  Nothing groundbreaking video-wise, but stylistically speaking it's nice and clean.  Depth is incredible, so you know there was some expensive-ass equipment in the building.  The pink Beats by Dre headphones???  I guess it's to be expected when Charles's involved.  Wonder what color Soulja Boy would wear - is there a color called "homo"?  How about "who gives a fuck about that little funny bitch?"  No? Anyway, peep game:

Thanks to RealTalk for this one.  By the way, it musta been mad cold in BK that day (@3:43)!


P.S. - If you ain't seen Soulja Boy talking shit about Chuck, go take a look.  And I thought Rick Ross was a douche!  Behold:



Benny B said...

Brrrrrrrrr, that video is hot how is it so cold. Game recognize game homey, thats why Soulja Boy can't see Charles...he ain't got none. Big ups to my ROY, doin it big!

I got $50 for whoever breaks Soulja Boys leg and steals that chain! Real talk.

Me said...

lolol. u are killin me this morning!