Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This just in...Cuban Links 2 out in March 2009...


So last night was the highly anticipated Wu-Tang show at Showbox SODO in Seattle, and I have to admit that it was not what I expected. First lemme get into the opening acts for a minute, lemme also preface this by saying that the sound sucked. The volume on the mics was for shit. Graves, I'm sorry cat, but definitely not feeling it...what I could hear anyway. Scribes One was nice, with a little guest appearance by Macklemore. Next up, Fatal Lucchiano from the Sport'n Life crew. I had heard big things about Fatal, but was a little unimpressed...he sounded a bit like the Mad Rapper. I'm a fan of Spaceman, who was on stage with him, and I think that without him out there it definitely would have been fatal...get it...ok so that wasn't so good.  So now on to the Killa Bees. It was a good show, but not what I have become used to from the Wu. While any Wu show is a good Wu show, Catch and I both agreed that it was lacking the energy of previous shows. I think this was mostly due to Method man not being there.

Wu-Tang (23).jpg

RZA was there this time, which was a plus, but without the spark of Method Man it was really a different show. Ghost, the second face of the Wu in my opinion, spent most of the night in the background sulking and hiding behind the DJ table. Who knows what was wrong with him this time, be it whether he was sick or just still pouting about his beef with RZA, we'll never know...but it was obvious that he was not really into this show. Maybe he needs a little Vagisil, who knows...I'm just sayin. I think he spit like 2 verses.

A majority of the show was focused on U-God and Raekwon who both have albums supposedly coming out in 2000. Rae announced that Cuban Links 2 would be out in March 2009, but we'll see on that too. I'm not gonna hold my breath till then, thats for sure! Here are a couple vids from the show for you to enjoy.

So there you have it, decent show, worth the $35 to see the Wu, but definitely not what I expected. Peace.


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cephas said...

yeah damn Ghost musta had sand in his vagine. now I don't feel quite so jealous that I wasn't there. still half ass wu tang is better than no wu tang. . .no what i'm sayin'? yeah.