Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blue Scholars "Freestyle"...

Now most other blogs would put this up as a "freestyle", and it may very well be, but either way it's definitely a dope video. Zia Mohajerjasbi does them right every time, I'm a fan...but then again I'm not an Emmy award winner, what do I know. I'm gonna post it up and let y'all check it. A little insight about the video at the end. I didn't know the Caravan was like a snowmobile...!

Somet​hing we did to fend off the cabin​ fever​ from the snows​torm that hit earli​er this month​ and cance​led our homec​oming​ shows​.​ Direc​ted and edite​d by Zia Mohaj​erjas​bi. Filme​d one Decem​ber after​noon in South​ Seatt​le.

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