Monday, November 24, 2008

Straight from the Inbox...

So got this in the inbox the other day and been tryin to give it a good listen before I made any sort of decision. Scripts 'N Screwz are an experimental/hip-hop/rocknrolla duo from E. St. Louis Illinois.  I've listened to their new album, The New Noise, a few times now and I am still having a difficult time deciding what I think. Their lyricism is definitely their strong part...from grimey to smooth on different tracks.  Delivery and production leaves a little to be desired. 
mean to say that the production is not horrible and they should die a slow painful death, but they also shouldn't be bangin B when she looks like this either. Then again, the homeys defined themselves as experimental and they really do step out there...and I can respect them for thinking and working outside the box, for sure.  Definitely don't let my indecision make up your mind though, check out dudes for yourself.  I'mma hook up a few songs and videos to help you get a little more familiar, and if you like, hit them up at their myspace or cop the album here or on Itunes. Peace.


catch91 said...

So I couldn't listen to the whole lp (fucking zShare is really pissing me off), but I did go through the cuts they had on their myspace. I agree with B: nice lyrics, but production is lacking depth. The other thing I'll say, is that something about Scripts' delivery bothers me. It's like he's taking a breath in... between... every... line. Dude ain't fat either, so it's not for lack of air. Trust me, I know fat mouth breathing. Anyway, like B said, not saying it isn't worth a listen. It's definitely not bad, just unrefined - which is just fine for experimental hip-hop!

P.S. - One of the videos on their myspace needs some serious help. "The War Outside" is a nice concept, but get some professional video production advise/help fellas!

Me said...

Production is def lacking but their potential isn't. Love that they went out the box as well. Big up to my fello midwesterners:)
Hi B. Thanks for the nice comments you made:)