Thursday, November 13, 2008

So I thought I was done...

and then I decided to swing by and see what Hyphen's been up to...he has gone Mad Cow crazy with this one! 

Reminds me of a story once told to me...a girl I know, who happens to be a beautiful Nubian goddess, was in school at BCC a few years back. She was sittin in the student union having some lunch and kept hearing, "ni**a this, ni**a that, awww fuck you ni**a"  etc, coming from the table behind her. So she turned around to have a peek...table full of Asians. They looked at he *long pause*...and just kept right on goin like she wasn't even there. I'm not sayin...well...but I'm just saying, ya know. Anyway, Hyphen's a fool for this Bitch Pass is stamped, sealed, and notarized though...bitches. 

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