Friday, November 21, 2008

Representin that 206..

Brainstorm beatmaker/rapper of Dyme Def, and reigning Red Bull Big Tune Champion, is reppin for Seattle in NYC again this year and tryin to make it back to back. It's like a Cribs: Brainstorm edition, as he show us around his pad and his old ass laptop. Hey kids, you to can be a producer and Brain gives you the recipe. I stole this from Hyphen cause he always has the good shit!

Peep Fearce Villan gettin retarded in this one...haha trippin.... I found this one all on my own bitches.

And if you don't have that 3badbrothaaas might have missed out on the free download, but you can help Brainstorm get a new gotdamn laptop and buy it here. Damn, prick, if you need a loan, or sponsorship, or Make A Wish...lemme know. I got five on a new laptop! Peace.

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catch91 said...

How does anyone NOT love these cats??? Only worry I have is Brain gettin' too big for the crew...that'd be a gotdamn shame man.