Tuesday, November 18, 2008

B-Rizzzeal is back...and he's not on Suicide Watch...

I hit y'all with the heads up last week and now with the first video for the single "Don't Ya Dare Laugh" featuring Young De, from the new album Smoke N Mirrors. Catch and I were just talkin bout how it is such a trip that B-Real is on Duckdown now....

This next little gem is something that I got in the inbox a week or so ago, it's a nice EP from Whygee and Sunkenstate entitled SUICIDE WATCH. Whygee and Sunkenstate's laid back yet sharp flow, mixed with the sort of classic underground, grimy hip hop sound makes for some "easy on my ears" listening and a stiff neck from all the head bobbing. The EP is produced by Kid Hum and cuts from DJ B*Money and from what I am told, was recorded in one night at a college radio station in Boulder Colorado...what? I look forward to hearing more from these cats from CO (thats Colorado fool).

Whygee and Sunkenstate.jpg

Check it out here to stream, download, and DONATE to their cause!!! Also, if you like it Whygee has another called HYPE KILLZ that you can get here. Shout out to the Basementalism Crew, DJ B*Money, Kid Hum, and Dylan from House of Waxx. Thanks for gettin this to us. Peace.

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