Friday, November 14, 2008

And so it begins...

There's just six weeks left in the amazing year of 2008, so we here at AYCE decided it's time to start doling out End of the Year Awards.  We actually got together for once (which is a minor miracle where Willy Dough is concerned) and thought we should do something with our time besides drink heavily.  So, for the next month and a half, tune in each and every Friday for a new installment of our favorites - and least favorites! - and feel free to join in the conversation in the comments. 

To kick off the big award show, we begin with the youngsters; the new cats who blazed onto the scene and onto our iPods, leaving a trail of dropped-jaws and "OOOOOOhhhhhhh, shits" along the way.  Here are our candidates for Rookie of the Year, in no particular order:


Charles Hamilton




Asher Roth


Now, unlike other awards, we couldn't come to a unanimous decision.  That's the beauty of having three cats with different tastes on one blog: we got all the flavor you savor up in here neighbor.  Alright then, here we go (drumroll):


   bob   -  B.o.B. -  The truest and newest rapper from the south, this kid has producing and spitting skillz.  I like to compare the cat to a young Luda, i think he has a future in this game and ya'll need to peep game.  Go crack a 40 and some hot tamales and get on you tube or imeem, give me money for the plugs.  peace



  CharlesHamilton    -  Charles Hamilton -  Really, what better way to assault the game than 10 mixtapes in a year to announce yourself on the scene. Throw in production credits, a short lived beef with Uncle Luke, Sonic and you got C. H. A. R. to the L. E. S. He's no rapper, he's a musician.




    Blu-002   -  Blu - I know, I know: technically, Blu hit the scene last year.  But the last 18 months have belonged to this SoCal cat.  C.R.A.C. Knuckles was a creative masterpiece - not the hip-hopiest, but sick nonetheless.  And Johnson&Jonson may have been a repeat of the EP, but this cat is ill, and a huge part of the future of the game.


There you go folks, the first installment of AYCE's End of the Year Awards.  Next Friday we bring you the Massengill moment...something to look forward to!!

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