Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adam might be dead...


...but hip-hop sure ain't!  Of course, you already know.  But if you need further proof, just take a peep at 88-Keys' new jawn: The Death of Adam.  The producer/rapper's debut dropped yesterday (or a couple days ago depending on your website of choice), and I've been nodding ever since.

I've always liked the concept album; after all, one of the tenets of hip-hop is storytelling, and 88-Keys has himself quite the story here.  Narrated by some "you ain't heard this from me" girl from around the block, we follow "Adam" as hegoes from the highs of pimpdom, to the lows of simpdom... eventually "dying" because he done fucked around and caught a bad one.  Let's just say Adam got a lil' greedy and ate too much of the poison fruit - but damn if "Eve" didn't serve him up a heapin' helpin'!

Production-wise, Adam is a trip.  You get all the "hipster" of today, with plenty of yesterday's "Golden" touch; it's a good mix of old, now, and new.  Want some rockish-type shit?  "The Friends Zone" got you covered.  Want some Carleton Banks dance-type shit?  "Morning Wood" will have you giggin'.  Funky fusion-type shit?  "Dirty Peaches" and "There's Pleasure In It" = check. 

88-Keys Of course, the diversity in production is to be expected when you've got two creative mufuckas like 88-Keys and kanYe as co-exec producers.  You also have to expect some good collabos whenever a producer drops a solo joint.  Adam is no different: You get cats like Phonte dropping bombs; relative rookie Kid Cudi comin' through; Bilal crooning like a motherfucker; and alt-rock crew Shitake Monkey among others.  Not to be left off the list, who better to diagnose relationship problems - and STD's - than the Funk Docta Spot?  Redman, The Sooperman Luver himself, always makes me laugh, and his appearance on "The Burning Bush" is no exception: "knowin' that it's syphilis I got scurry / cause every pee drop was hotter than curry." 

88 didn't let the guests drop all the gems though.  Here's a couple examples of his own lyrical prowess:

"This is a 2-way street / cause every time I bust a nut you get somethin' to eat" - Handcuff 'Em

"When you said you was on the patch, I didn't know you meant the nicotine patch!" - Close Call

"Now you gotta a kid and ya changin' diapers / The bars on the crib feelin' just like Rikers" - Another Victim

Between the words and beats, guest appearances aplenty, and a whole lot of creativity, The Death of Adam is a dope debut.  88-Keys shows off his versatility all the way through this 14-track novel.  "Adam's" mack may be dead, but his well-written story shows that 88 has a bright future.  And that bodes well for all hip-hop!

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The prelude (Here's the first of 3):

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