Saturday, November 29, 2008

If there were any questions...

hopefully this will put an end to them. Charles Hamilton is wylin out. Shout out to Charles for these ones.

Charles performing "Windows Media Player" above and...

a whole gang a dudes in this nice little freestyle cyper. The list includes, in order of appearance: Vice Verses, Kingpen, Kay M, PreZZure, Charles Hamilton, AP, Young Nate, Big Zoo, Iron Solomon, Poison Pen, and Charles Hamilton. Thought I would add in a little teaser here at the end. Enjoy, Peace.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Did she jus? She did, she just put is on me through the computer screen...dayumn. Luda and Shawna at the Theater of the Mind album release party in NYC.

I will forever be indebted to the dopeboyz for this one...Peace.

Turkey Day...WTF?

Lemme start this off with wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Today is a day to give thanks for all that we have been given this year. A time to remember the forefathers and natives getting together for dinner and all that good shit. I don't know where, when, or how it came about but I also like to give thanks for adding turkey and pumpkin pie to dinner that night sometime in the 16th Century. It is because of that delicious little entree that I will be a turkey zombie in a tryptophan coma most of the night at work...yes, unfortunately I have to work tonight!
Sooo, on to the main event but first let me stray for one more second and say this...I will never understand bigotry or should I say sheer stupidity.
Let me paint the picture for you, before we get to the actual picture. I have just finished a bachelor party weekend in Vegas (insert "Vegas baybeeeee" here and get dealt a swift kick in the nuts) and normally..."what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" but this was too good to leave alone.
I board the first leg, Las Vegas to Salt Lake City, hungthefuckover, tired, caked with the aroma of stale beer and cigarettes, and in a generally annoyed mood. I stow my carry on in the overhead compartment, take my seat, seat belt, iPod, chill. After takeoff, I immediately(and for no real reason) turn into the asshole that reads over your shoulder on the plane. Guy in front...boring tech type magazine, little old lady across the aisle...snoozing, and permeating the now pressurized cabin air with her wicked old lady perfume smell. What is with that smell anyway? Does anyone have any insight into why in the hell every old lady has that same perfume? For me, it is second only to the horrifyingly nauseating smell of walking into the dentist's if the smell of bad, trench mouth breath isn't bad enough...geezus...ullllkkk. Makes me half vomit just thinking about it.
I digress, so I take a peek at the dude sitting one row up and across the aisle...JYACKPOT! It was like the goldmine of over the shoulder reading...

Did I say that we were flying from Las Vegas to SALT LAKE CITY...that's like a direct flight from depths of hell to the gates of heaven (or vice versa depending on your beliefs), from Sin City to the City Brigham Young built. Now I have never claimed to be the smartest guy on the planet, but this is just astounding. I'm not sure what the "weekly" news paper is like in good ol' Salt Lake City, but here in Seattle it is pretty liberal with content...pretty sure I have seen a few "Bear seeking Cub", "slave for Master or Mistress" personal ads in there, no homo. I mean, not only does it say the above, but it also goes on to say that they have identified a "spore" that may be causing homosexuality! What the shit? So after I read this, I calmly stood up and got my camera out of the aforementioned overhead compartment and took this wonderful over the shoulder picture for our viewing pleasure. When I got home, I uploaded it to my computer and promptly emailed it to all my gay friends with the heading..."Please stop doing gay things!!", needless to say they all laughed their asses off. To Elder Scott Trotter, I say this "fuck you" is for you!!! Peace.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Straight from the Inbox...

So got this in the inbox the other day and been tryin to give it a good listen before I made any sort of decision. Scripts 'N Screwz are an experimental/hip-hop/rocknrolla duo from E. St. Louis Illinois.  I've listened to their new album, The New Noise, a few times now and I am still having a difficult time deciding what I think. Their lyricism is definitely their strong part...from grimey to smooth on different tracks.  Delivery and production leaves a little to be desired. 
mean to say that the production is not horrible and they should die a slow painful death, but they also shouldn't be bangin B when she looks like this either. Then again, the homeys defined themselves as experimental and they really do step out there...and I can respect them for thinking and working outside the box, for sure.  Definitely don't let my indecision make up your mind though, check out dudes for yourself.  I'mma hook up a few songs and videos to help you get a little more familiar, and if you like, hit them up at their myspace or cop the album here or on Itunes. Peace.

RIP MC Breed


Flint's finest passed away over the weekend.  Here's the short AP obit:

YPSILANTI, Mich. (AP) – Michigan rapper MC Breed, who burst onto the national scene with the 1991 hit "Ain't No Future in Yo' Frontin'," has died at age 37.
A Washtenaw County medical examiner's spokesman says Eric Breed was pronounced dead Saturday at a friend's home in Ypsilanti, about 30 miles southwest of Detroit.
Toxicology reports are pending, but officials say no foul play is suspected.
The Detroit News and The Flint Journal say Breed had suffered from kidney failure.
Breed grew up in Flint, and "Ain't No Future in Yo' Frontin'" contained several references to the city. He moved to Atlanta in the 1990s.
Between 1991 and 2004, Breed recorded 13 albums and collaborated with artists such as Tupac Shakur.

Copyright © 2008 The Associated Press


Damn shame y'all.  Classic:



Kanye acceptance speech...

just when you thought he had fallen completely off his rocker he goes and does something to...

and completely redeems himself. I actually feel what he is sayin here, the Elvis thing aside. Dope.

I ain't got no bass..

but Busta does and he got a new video to let y'all know...

Thanks to OS for this one...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

End of the Year Award #2

With so many abundant and deserving people out there, it was hard to choose just one.  Especially in a year that saw the extra vinegary Lil' Wayne dropping lazy-ass line after lazy-ass line, not giving a shit about the art form; Rick Ross pretending that the folks at Adobe hated on his music career; Kanye consistently putting himself atop the history of hip-hop; and some clown named Seaclipse pretending that he has any significance at all in the game.  But there was one douche that stood out above the rest.  Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2008 Douche of the Year:


Yes, I realize the Vocoder is an inanimate object.  But because of this motherfucking "instrument", every single song on the radio has some Roger-Troutman-wannabe thinking he can sing. 

I can't lie, T-Pain might have been the better choice for the award,  but it's that damn piece of machinery that he uses that has led countless others to force-feed us some over-synthesized bullshit single, every time you turn around.  Every.  Fucking.  Time!

So fuck you Vocoder!  You truly are the douche of the year.  Congratulations!

MeFatHead_v2 AndyFatHead_v2 WillFatHead_v2

Feelin it, but dayyyumnnn...

Do they really have to go and run every good song into the ground. You know the Kidz in the Hall are dope and ad in Estelle's fine ass and it makes for this....

But damn if I wanna hear it all over the radio, TV, Ipod commercials, video games, when I'm droppin a deuce. etc. Look at this:

Kidz In The Hall To Appear on BET's 106 & Park
Other headlines include an upcoming Nordstrom Spotlight &
Inclusion in Rockstar Game's Midnight Club LA Soundtrack

Kidz In The Hall, currently on a 35-City National Tour sponsored by Microsoft ZUNE, are continuing to build off the success of their sophomore album, "THE IN CROWD." The group's second single and video for their song "LOVE HANGOVER" featuring Estelle is going to be 'THE NEW JOINT' on BET's 106 & Park today, Friday November 21st airing at 6PM EST. The video debuted on BET's new show "THE DEAL" last week and the group will be an invited guest on the show in early December. Few Independent artists have had the opportunity to break into the national spotlight that 106 & Park provides. This is yet another stepping stone for Kidz In The Hall, reaffirming their premier status in Hip Hop.
"Love Hangover" is also in rotation at MTV 2, MTVU, MTV Jamz, VH1 Soul, Music Choice & FUSE. The video has been added into programming for United Airlines and US Airways as well. Furthermore, starting December 26th and running for one month, Kidz In The Hall will be the featured artist highlighted on Nordstrom’s website. The promotion consists of reviews, and a stream of their LOVE HANGOVER video.It's a way for Nordstrom's to offer a spotlight to music and videos that they believe their customers will appreciate. "Love Hangover" is also receiving radio support with mixshow spins from marquee DJs such as Envy, Self, ENUFF, Mr. Cee, and Cocoa Chanelle to name a few. In other recent news, Kidz In The Hall's first single "Driving Down The Block" has been included in the soundtrack for Rockstar Game's Midnight Club LA. This is Kidz In The Hall's second major gaming licensing deal, after their song "The Blackout" was featured as only one of twenty tracks in EA Sports Madden 09. Double O of Kidz In The Hall is excited about the promotions, saying "this is another great milestone for Kidz In The Hall, Duck Down Records, Major League Entertainment and our overall team. The album and its music has exceeded our expectations and proves that good, quality music can rise to the top."

I mean really I like dudes, but do we need to saturate the airways? Shit happens all the time, the geniuses in the music "biz" ruin it for the listeners...*shakes fist in the air* YOU BAAAASSSSTAAAARRRRDSSSS. Later.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Representin that 206..

Brainstorm beatmaker/rapper of Dyme Def, and reigning Red Bull Big Tune Champion, is reppin for Seattle in NYC again this year and tryin to make it back to back. It's like a Cribs: Brainstorm edition, as he show us around his pad and his old ass laptop. Hey kids, you to can be a producer and Brain gives you the recipe. I stole this from Hyphen cause he always has the good shit!

Peep Fearce Villan gettin retarded in this one...haha trippin.... I found this one all on my own bitches.

And if you don't have that 3badbrothaaas might have missed out on the free download, but you can help Brainstorm get a new gotdamn laptop and buy it here. Damn, prick, if you need a loan, or sponsorship, or Make A Wish...lemme know. I got five on a new laptop! Peace.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


So as you probably figured out, we here at AYCE like to try new things and ponder to our existence and the existence of others in this vast and infinite world that we live. Fortunately, or unfortunately, in my job I get the opportunity each and every day to sit back and wonder exactly "What the fuck was this person thinking?" The unfortunate side is that I am not able to show you pictures of why I would think that, but being out in the community I find the same things. So I'm gonna try and bring you some of these pictures on Thursdays, or any other random days...

So to start off, The Disco Three are big Seahawks fans. Rain, sleet, snow...all three in the same day...we are there every Sunday. This is a sanctuary of sorts...our day to thank God for creating the game of football, making it into a league, and blessing us with the ability to go and enjoy 8 games a season (10 if you count the preseason). So I ask of you good people...

Is this something that I should be repenting for? I mean, I don't claim to be next to godliness but I can think of some other things to repent for than being a "sports nut". Is this something that I should be concerned about?? Peace.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

See Hear...

Can't believe this video's been out for a month and none of us have seen it yet!!!  Big ups to OK for un-earthing this gem from Portland's finest.  Loving this video y'all!!!!

If you don't have Watt's Happening yet, get up get out and get it!!  For real, not many people putting positive spin out there; support this man.  We do!

MeFatHead_v2 1-4Forty

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Please pass the Viagra...

He brought us Kurtis Blow.  He brought us Run DMC.  He brought us Def Jam and Phat Farm.  Now, Russell "The Love Muscle" Simmons brings you the creepy old man peekin' at a young girl's tittay:


Aww man Rush.  You still worried Kimora might be hiding somewhere, trying to get more money from you?  It's cool man, she ain't in there... she ain't in there. 

Looks like he's thinking about Krushin' her Groove eh?  Big ups to The Rap Up for this (more pics at the link).


It's that cool cat...

Seriously Is there anyone cooler than Raphael Saadiq...I know Catch is gonna be on some "50 Cent is cooler than Raph" shit. C'mon watch the video and agree with me.... Raphael takes us back to his alma mater, Castlemont High, where he placed bass in the school's jazz band...*cough geek cough*...just playin. If you haven't got the new album from Mr. Saadiq, The Way I See It, you can get it here. Shoot, it may get my vote for Album of the Year...ya heard.


Who the f#@k...

Since we're on that R.O.Y. shit this week I thought I would post up this mixtape from Willy Dough's winner for R.O.Y., which if you'll remember is none other than B.o.B. Since we all know that Willy seems to be in and out of here like a prairie dog....I'mma help you out today. Oh, BTW did anyone other than Catch and I get the R.O.Y. picture? R.O.Y. = Roy...Anyway boys and girls, enjoy! Oh, an I think I got the link from here...


B.o.B - Who the F#@k is B.o.B? Mixtape


Punch got dissed...

First lemme post up the new video "Attitude" from Punchline. Punch has always been a bit of a favorite around AYCE and his On Smash Vol. 1 mixtape was fire...shout out to the eMC crew...

now I was reading over at Punch's place that he tried to get his video posted at World Star Hip Hop and apparently they "don't add unsigned hype unless they pay a fee". Who knows what's goin on but if thats how it is...lemme send out this message...ALL UNSIGNED "HYPE" SEND VIDEOS AND MUSIC HERE AND WE WILL POST!!! Hahaha, anyway, sometimes Punch can be a hater as well, but dude spits fire so Imma let is pass. Peace.


B-Rizzzeal is back...and he's not on Suicide Watch...

I hit y'all with the heads up last week and now with the first video for the single "Don't Ya Dare Laugh" featuring Young De, from the new album Smoke N Mirrors. Catch and I were just talkin bout how it is such a trip that B-Real is on Duckdown now....

This next little gem is something that I got in the inbox a week or so ago, it's a nice EP from Whygee and Sunkenstate entitled SUICIDE WATCH. Whygee and Sunkenstate's laid back yet sharp flow, mixed with the sort of classic underground, grimy hip hop sound makes for some "easy on my ears" listening and a stiff neck from all the head bobbing. The EP is produced by Kid Hum and cuts from DJ B*Money and from what I am told, was recorded in one night at a college radio station in Boulder Colorado...what? I look forward to hearing more from these cats from CO (thats Colorado fool).

Whygee and Sunkenstate.jpg

Check it out here to stream, download, and DONATE to their cause!!! Also, if you like it Whygee has another called HYPE KILLZ that you can get here. Shout out to the Basementalism Crew, DJ B*Money, Kid Hum, and Dylan from House of Waxx. Thanks for gettin this to us. Peace.

AndyFatHead_v2.gif 1-2Forty.gif

Am I still drunk?

Just caught Johnson&Jonson's latest vid over at the Player.  Made me reminisce on some old cheap-vodka drunks.  Anyway, to help the hangover (or make it worse) peep the new video:

*hiccup* Anybawdy got any pinners???? *hiccup* My head hurds real bad n *hiccup* I need ssssleep. *hiccup* 

Mmmmm...I love drinking!


Friday, November 14, 2008

And so it begins...

There's just six weeks left in the amazing year of 2008, so we here at AYCE decided it's time to start doling out End of the Year Awards.  We actually got together for once (which is a minor miracle where Willy Dough is concerned) and thought we should do something with our time besides drink heavily.  So, for the next month and a half, tune in each and every Friday for a new installment of our favorites - and least favorites! - and feel free to join in the conversation in the comments. 

To kick off the big award show, we begin with the youngsters; the new cats who blazed onto the scene and onto our iPods, leaving a trail of dropped-jaws and "OOOOOOhhhhhhh, shits" along the way.  Here are our candidates for Rookie of the Year, in no particular order:


Charles Hamilton




Asher Roth


Now, unlike other awards, we couldn't come to a unanimous decision.  That's the beauty of having three cats with different tastes on one blog: we got all the flavor you savor up in here neighbor.  Alright then, here we go (drumroll):


   bob   -  B.o.B. -  The truest and newest rapper from the south, this kid has producing and spitting skillz.  I like to compare the cat to a young Luda, i think he has a future in this game and ya'll need to peep game.  Go crack a 40 and some hot tamales and get on you tube or imeem, give me money for the plugs.  peace



  CharlesHamilton    -  Charles Hamilton -  Really, what better way to assault the game than 10 mixtapes in a year to announce yourself on the scene. Throw in production credits, a short lived beef with Uncle Luke, Sonic and you got C. H. A. R. to the L. E. S. He's no rapper, he's a musician.




    Blu-002   -  Blu - I know, I know: technically, Blu hit the scene last year.  But the last 18 months have belonged to this SoCal cat.  C.R.A.C. Knuckles was a creative masterpiece - not the hip-hopiest, but sick nonetheless.  And Johnson&Jonson may have been a repeat of the EP, but this cat is ill, and a huge part of the future of the game.


There you go folks, the first installment of AYCE's End of the Year Awards.  Next Friday we bring you the Massengill moment...something to look forward to!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fakin' the Funk....

So, let me just ask ya'll this: do you care if cats are really freestylin'?  Don't get me wrong, sick lyrics are sick lyrics, but I hate when dudes try and pretend like shit is off the head.  I hate it.  If you can't freestyle, I don't care.  Just don't act like you can. 

One of my favorite rappers of all time is Redman.  Nobody brings it to a record like Reggie Noble.  But every time I see "Redman" and "Freestyle" in the title, I know it ain't true.  It's always one of his older verses re-wrapped in a new beat.  I realize not everyone can be Supernat or Rhymefest, and I for damn sure can't freestyle (I'm also not a professional musician!), but I just wish people wouldn't drop writtens and try to pass them off as improv. 

I can't remember the name of the crew, but I recall one late-90s group who wouldn't freestyle no matter what.  They took a lot of shit and quickly went the way of Milli Vanilli, but I can respect them for being real.  There's nothing wrong with being a writer - no one expected Hunter S. Thompson to spit out Pulitzer material at the drop of a hat.  And I don't mind if you have to bring back a couple older lines to give you a second to come up with new shit, but for God's sake man, don't pretend you just put everything into it and you're all exhausted when all you did was remember some lines you wrote.

Whew!  Had to get that off my chest ya'll.  All that said, peep this clip of Cory Gunz, R.O.Y. candidate Charles Hamilton, and Mickey Factz.  Cory and Mickey drop some SICK shit, and you already know Sonic comes correct.  Can you guess who's really freestylin' though? Hmmmm....


Get in the mix...


What up ya'll?  Zion I dropped a free mix"tape" today in anticipation of their new shit set to drop in January.  It's split up in two tracks: Side A and Side B.  But it also has a couple of the cuts split up in a "DJ" folder.  Click the pic to download and enjoy!!!!!


P.S. - For those of us here in the great upper-left, Zion I is here on the 17th.  More info here.

So I thought I was done...

and then I decided to swing by and see what Hyphen's been up to...he has gone Mad Cow crazy with this one! 

Reminds me of a story once told to me...a girl I know, who happens to be a beautiful Nubian goddess, was in school at BCC a few years back. She was sittin in the student union having some lunch and kept hearing, "ni**a this, ni**a that, awww fuck you ni**a"  etc, coming from the table behind her. So she turned around to have a peek...table full of Asians. They looked at he *long pause*...and just kept right on goin like she wasn't even there. I'm not sayin...well...but I'm just saying, ya know. Anyway, Hyphen's a fool for this Bitch Pass is stamped, sealed, and notarized though...bitches. 

Another serving...

This time Common takes on the genius that is...Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

From one Chicagorilla to the next...

and since I can't find the last shit I wrote I'm gonna have to make it up again. Peep the dopeboyz spot for something new from Ye's 808's & Heartbreaks here. I read the comments over there and everyone got some shit to say...50 vs Kanye...this and that. Good music is good music, I will fuck with this 808's album, for real, but I may spend money on this before another 50 album. I don't mind 50 either, but I want something new from him, not the same tired shit. Here's an idea, maybe Ye should produce 50's next album?!?

Another question...when can I expect to see a pair of these on my damn feet!!

There is a sick grey/navy/orange pair but I can't get the damn picture to load. Kan, I all I really wanna know is...can I get the whites in a low?

Well alright, alright, alright...good lookin out homey. Peace, have a good Thursday y'all.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adam might be dead...


...but hip-hop sure ain't!  Of course, you already know.  But if you need further proof, just take a peep at 88-Keys' new jawn: The Death of Adam.  The producer/rapper's debut dropped yesterday (or a couple days ago depending on your website of choice), and I've been nodding ever since.

I've always liked the concept album; after all, one of the tenets of hip-hop is storytelling, and 88-Keys has himself quite the story here.  Narrated by some "you ain't heard this from me" girl from around the block, we follow "Adam" as hegoes from the highs of pimpdom, to the lows of simpdom... eventually "dying" because he done fucked around and caught a bad one.  Let's just say Adam got a lil' greedy and ate too much of the poison fruit - but damn if "Eve" didn't serve him up a heapin' helpin'!

Production-wise, Adam is a trip.  You get all the "hipster" of today, with plenty of yesterday's "Golden" touch; it's a good mix of old, now, and new.  Want some rockish-type shit?  "The Friends Zone" got you covered.  Want some Carleton Banks dance-type shit?  "Morning Wood" will have you giggin'.  Funky fusion-type shit?  "Dirty Peaches" and "There's Pleasure In It" = check. 

88-Keys Of course, the diversity in production is to be expected when you've got two creative mufuckas like 88-Keys and kanYe as co-exec producers.  You also have to expect some good collabos whenever a producer drops a solo joint.  Adam is no different: You get cats like Phonte dropping bombs; relative rookie Kid Cudi comin' through; Bilal crooning like a motherfucker; and alt-rock crew Shitake Monkey among others.  Not to be left off the list, who better to diagnose relationship problems - and STD's - than the Funk Docta Spot?  Redman, The Sooperman Luver himself, always makes me laugh, and his appearance on "The Burning Bush" is no exception: "knowin' that it's syphilis I got scurry / cause every pee drop was hotter than curry." 

88 didn't let the guests drop all the gems though.  Here's a couple examples of his own lyrical prowess:

"This is a 2-way street / cause every time I bust a nut you get somethin' to eat" - Handcuff 'Em

"When you said you was on the patch, I didn't know you meant the nicotine patch!" - Close Call

"Now you gotta a kid and ya changin' diapers / The bars on the crib feelin' just like Rikers" - Another Victim

Between the words and beats, guest appearances aplenty, and a whole lot of creativity, The Death of Adam is a dope debut.  88-Keys shows off his versatility all the way through this 14-track novel.  "Adam's" mack may be dead, but his well-written story shows that 88 has a bright future.  And that bodes well for all hip-hop!

MeFatHead2 1-4Forty

Get it here. Listen. Then Buy it here (or wherever you like).

The prelude (Here's the first of 3):