Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So you want some substance...

something you can really sink your teeth into...well I got a couple other little tidbits here for you. This past weekend the Hip Hop Live Tour rolled through the 206, and since I was a little down from the Seahawks latest 44-6 drubbing at the hands of the Giants, I went down and bought a ticket.
 Last years tour that Catch and I saw was Rakim and Ghostface backed by the funk band The Rhythm Roots Allstars which, as you can imagine, was a great show.  This years show was nothing short of great as well. Again, The Rhythm Roots Allstars, Little Brother, David Banner, and Talib Kweli. RRA warmed it up followed by a guest appearance from Brother Ali who was in town for the album release party for Jake One's White Van Music (more on that later) which dropped yesterday. 
To keep things short, Little Brother was on point. I gotta admit, I must have been napping on these dudes for awhile now. Catch was more familiar and said they would be good, but damn if you can find Catch these days! If anyone sees him tell him to holla at me. 
David Banner is another story, this dude is fucking nuts. I never really got into David Banner, but live...crazy. Dude was in the crowd, dancing on bars, and dry humping fat chicks on stage. I didn't know people dry humped anymore. Check out Mr. Banner going nuts to Nirvana.

Now, in my opinion, Talib Kweli is arguably one of hip hops G.O.A.T. I have seen him just about every time he comes to Seattle and he never fails to entertain. One thing I did notice is that he lost the staple Yankees cap and donned a Mariners hat. Reppin 206 to the fullest. It was an excellent set with songs from the Black Star up through his latest, Ear Drum. Here are a couple of clips for you!

It was a good show, and just what I needed to center myself after the ass whippin we had to endure earlier in the day. Stay tuned for more on White Van Music. Peace.

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