Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Couldn't Wait 3 Days...

What up ya'll?!? So, got a package in the mail today. To my surprise, there was a copy of The KnuX's new disc in there (big thanks Jericho!)

I ain't gonna lie, I wasn't on my way to go plunk down my hard-earned cheddar for this one (came out today). My boy Will - who makes an occasional appearance here...emphasis on occasional - told me about Krispy and Rah Almillio a while back, but I slept. I listened to "Bang Bang" and thought it was coo... but again, I slept.

Let me tell you, just finished listening to Remind Me in 3 Days: I'M AWAKE NOW!! This shit is fucking illllllllll!!!!!!!! Nevermind that Krispy looks a little like Wayne Brady, and his brother Rah like Kadeem Hardison - seriously, peep:


These two cats are cool as hell though!

Production is tight right from the drop, lulling you into a false sense of complacency off the top with a mellow bass line that gets assaulted by a quick snare and even quicker line-spitting (reminiscent of some old school Outkast joints). All of the beats had me open, and only two of 'em had any samples at all - big-ups for originality!! A little heavy on the synth at times, but I won't dock 'em too much.

These brothers (literally) feed off each other lyrically all throughout. It's obvious they've been working on they craft for quite some time: No wasted words here! If you're looking for talk of bucks and bling, first off, stop reading this blog (for real, head on over here instead), but secondly, don't buy this album. This is grown folk rap!

That ain't to say it doesn't have something for everyone, or that Remind Me in 3 Days isn't fun. It's a good ride all the way through. Well worth your time and money; which reminds me, I'mma head out and drop some dough on this one - these cats deserve my money!

MeFatHead2 1-4Forty

P.S. - I kept waiting for Heavy D to drop some "ah-diddly-diddly-diddly-diddly-dee" on "The True"..."We got our own thing!"

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