Friday, October 31, 2008

Yes we Can !!

Tonight after I hung out with my daughter, who was dressed up as a cheerleader, and the other that was a boxer I came home, bought a forty ounce and was looking for albums to listen to. I stumbled across a mixtape presented by Green Lantern and the godfather of hip-hop Russell Simmons, featuring Barack Obama called Yes we Can! It has Barack speaking and many influential hip-hop artists representing on this mixtape. But I downloaded it for free and giving it to my people. So sorry for the long delay and keep hip hop alive, keep hip hop alive. YEEEE!

Quite possibly G.O.A.T. costume...

This shit makes me want to go dumpster diving...well, not really...but kinda. Big up to Tunji for the dopest free costume on the planet this year! Peep more on the homies Tunji and Toby, AKA Inverse, here.

Tunji's Halloween Costume from tunji balogun on Vimeo.

Don't forget Redman and Method Man at Showbox SODO November 5th. Isn't their something important going down on the 4th as well?? Peace.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I didn't want to but the devil made me do it...

Yo, I wanted to let Catch have his shine on today but I had to get in and get my 2 cents in on The Knux before I go to bed and it's all lost in a myriad of crazy dreams. I first heard these dude when the dope boyz released their "Cadillac Edition" mixtape which included The Knux record Amazing. Since then I have read and eagerly awaited this album. I couldn't agree more. I expected a good album, but not this good. You know, how an album can exceed your expectations...well this one did, from start to finish.
I am not one to compare artists, like people are with Asher Roth and Eminem, but I like when I can listen to an album and it brings back albums from the past that I haven't heard in a minute. I like the beats, and the synth, but I like it when lyrics and flow can take me back. For me, they took a pinch of OutKast, a sprinkle of Das Efx, and a dash of Timbaland and Magoo and stirred that shit up into their own batter...The Knux. "Parking Lot" took me back to the days of Magoo's not so subtle sexual inuendos, "Cappuccino" brings back some old OutKast "Southernplaylisticadillacmuzik",  and the "diggity, diggity" of Das Efx.

I can't even front, I'm geeked on this album, had me nodding my head all the way home. Peep the video and the link below to "Amazing" or head on over to the dope boyz and download the mixtape here. Alright, time for bed...catch y'all on the flipside. Peace.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Couldn't Wait 3 Days...

What up ya'll?!? So, got a package in the mail today. To my surprise, there was a copy of The KnuX's new disc in there (big thanks Jericho!)

I ain't gonna lie, I wasn't on my way to go plunk down my hard-earned cheddar for this one (came out today). My boy Will - who makes an occasional appearance here...emphasis on occasional - told me about Krispy and Rah Almillio a while back, but I slept. I listened to "Bang Bang" and thought it was coo... but again, I slept.

Let me tell you, just finished listening to Remind Me in 3 Days: I'M AWAKE NOW!! This shit is fucking illllllllll!!!!!!!! Nevermind that Krispy looks a little like Wayne Brady, and his brother Rah like Kadeem Hardison - seriously, peep:


These two cats are cool as hell though!

Production is tight right from the drop, lulling you into a false sense of complacency off the top with a mellow bass line that gets assaulted by a quick snare and even quicker line-spitting (reminiscent of some old school Outkast joints). All of the beats had me open, and only two of 'em had any samples at all - big-ups for originality!! A little heavy on the synth at times, but I won't dock 'em too much.

These brothers (literally) feed off each other lyrically all throughout. It's obvious they've been working on they craft for quite some time: No wasted words here! If you're looking for talk of bucks and bling, first off, stop reading this blog (for real, head on over here instead), but secondly, don't buy this album. This is grown folk rap!

That ain't to say it doesn't have something for everyone, or that Remind Me in 3 Days isn't fun. It's a good ride all the way through. Well worth your time and money; which reminds me, I'mma head out and drop some dough on this one - these cats deserve my money!

MeFatHead2 1-4Forty

P.S. - I kept waiting for Heavy D to drop some "ah-diddly-diddly-diddly-diddly-dee" on "The True"..."We got our own thing!"

Monday, October 27, 2008

Creepy crazyness...

and, yes, I do know that title is spelled wrong. It's like the movie, In Pursuit of Happyness, nobody said a word when that was spelled wrong, did they? It's called creativity, and it's gonna stay around here AYCE for a little while...well at least until Catch posts again!!! So I was flipping through my daily blog visits and saw a couple videos of people imitating Nardwuar the Human Serviette. Catch posted a Nardwuar vs N.E.R.D. which was insane, so I thought I would check out some others. Dude has been conducting these interviews for years man...he has one with Nirvana from 1994, crazy.
So anyway I went to the dudes website to check out some of the others and here is what I found:

Nardwuar vs Mudhoney:

So, I had to post up the Mudhoney interview because a buddy of mine is a member of the band and it blew my mind when I saw this. He is not in the interview, but is mentioned. What up Guy?

Nardwuar vs The Legendary Roots Crew

Seriously, this dude is absolutely nuts...go to his website and check out the Busta Rhymes, Flava Flav, Vanilla Ice, and others. Nardwuar, homey, you can interview me anytime! Peace.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Red Bull Big Tune 2008...

The 206 is definitely up...peep this video I stole from Hyphen previewing the Red Bull Big Tune 2008 Tour stop in Seattle. Even bigger ups to Brainstorm and Rising Son for making it to the finals in NYC in December. 

Glorious day...

The Seahawks finally win...fuck. Anyway, just got this in the inbox. This new Heltah Skeltah is mad crazy...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things that make you go hmmmm,

So peep the upper left corner of the Ticketmaster screenshot and see which Wu members will be in attendance at the show in December...

annnnnd how about this shit....

Damn, next thing I know Eazy E, and Big Pun are gonna be opening up for these guys. Peace.

It's Jada...and no not Smith

How is it that other dudes be puttin it down on this A Milli beat better than Weezy? Fa real, I keep waitin for Jadakiss to burst into flames on this video.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm just sayin...

WHEN Obama gets elected dude is going to have to be the single most protected President in the history of the United States.  Does anyone remember what happened the last time we elected someone who was so beloved and popular with the American people??? November 22, 1963 ring a bell for anyone??? 
These type of people right here are what I am afraid of...the uneducated, ignorant, rednecks from the backwoods that are so passionate about their beliefs they are willing to kill or be killed. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it is an exciting and frightening time. We are on the verge of history and change. Please, if you haven't registered to vote you can do so here, time is short so do it now...then go out and vote on November 3rd! Thanks to Sonic the Hamilton for this one. Peace.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ash Roth, Wale and B.o.B...

Now I would mind see these dudes do something together...

Asher is funny like that, dude just don't care!

Wale up next...
and on to B.o.B.

It had to be done...

I had to do it...couldn't leave it alone....

Wait for it......waaaaaiiittt for it.....

OUCH!!! Thank 2dopeboy for this random act of fuckery!!! Peace.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's charles hamilton...

Ladies and gentlemen, the latest arrival from The Hamiltonization Process is here...haven't heard yet just downloading now. Thanks to CH and 2dopeboyz. More to come after I hear it...lemme know what you think. Peace.

Charles Hamilton - Its Charles Hamilton / zShare

They should battle to the death...

These XXL freestyles got me flipped. Maybe XXL should have dudes freestyle their articles. Just a thought. Kid CuDi up first followed by...

one of the illest...Mickey Factz...
and finish it off with Cory Gunz.


Monday, October 13, 2008

One from me and one for...that one!

Yo, I been waitin to find a use for that...alright here are a couple of dope freestyles from XXL promoting their Top of the Class issue droppin November 4th. You know I had to get Sonic up in this...

and you know I had to bring Blu along for "that one"...

there was another joint by Curren$y as well...but Imma roll with these 2 for now. Speaking of,  2dopeboyz is where I swiped it from...what? Oh, and don't forget new Sonic mixtape, i am charles hamilton, drops at midnight at the dopeboyz spot. Peace!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Please, someone do something...

...about the utter stupidity and ignorance of the people in this clip:

(Thanks to the Blind for this one)
I know I haven't been servin' up the posts lately, but my attention has been stretched thin (work, politics, drank, etc). Sorry about that. Now please, someone needs to wrangle up all the gun-toting, trenchcoat wearing, angry emos out there, give 'em all the ammunition they can carry, drop 'em off in the middle of Ohio (wherever this video was shot) and tell 'em it's an anti-Depeche Mode rally. I got five on it! Who's comin' wit me????

Senior Political Analyst

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So you want some substance...

something you can really sink your teeth into...well I got a couple other little tidbits here for you. This past weekend the Hip Hop Live Tour rolled through the 206, and since I was a little down from the Seahawks latest 44-6 drubbing at the hands of the Giants, I went down and bought a ticket.
 Last years tour that Catch and I saw was Rakim and Ghostface backed by the funk band The Rhythm Roots Allstars which, as you can imagine, was a great show.  This years show was nothing short of great as well. Again, The Rhythm Roots Allstars, Little Brother, David Banner, and Talib Kweli. RRA warmed it up followed by a guest appearance from Brother Ali who was in town for the album release party for Jake One's White Van Music (more on that later) which dropped yesterday. 
To keep things short, Little Brother was on point. I gotta admit, I must have been napping on these dudes for awhile now. Catch was more familiar and said they would be good, but damn if you can find Catch these days! If anyone sees him tell him to holla at me. 
David Banner is another story, this dude is fucking nuts. I never really got into David Banner, but live...crazy. Dude was in the crowd, dancing on bars, and dry humping fat chicks on stage. I didn't know people dry humped anymore. Check out Mr. Banner going nuts to Nirvana.

Now, in my opinion, Talib Kweli is arguably one of hip hops G.O.A.T. I have seen him just about every time he comes to Seattle and he never fails to entertain. One thing I did notice is that he lost the staple Yankees cap and donned a Mariners hat. Reppin 206 to the fullest. It was an excellent set with songs from the Black Star up through his latest, Ear Drum. Here are a couple of clips for you!

It was a good show, and just what I needed to center myself after the ass whippin we had to endure earlier in the day. Stay tuned for more on White Van Music. Peace.

Just a couple little things...

It's the new video for Common's "Universal Mind Control". I have to admit I was a little skeptical about this song on first listen, but after seeing it live and listening to it, damn if that shit hasn't grown on me! Thanks to Hyphen for this one.

Thanks to Ellen and Punch for the "Love Lockdown" video. Yo, this song is mellow as hell and the video is even more so... I'm cool with that. Peace.