Thursday, September 18, 2008

Whew...Bumbershoot Day 3

Alright y'all after 3 full days of music it was time to just chill fa real. We started off the day with Choklate. This woman can sing. I have seen her a few times throughout the past few years and every time is different. She is a soul/funk/R&B singer from the Seattle area. I have seen her jam out with a rock band, and sing her ass off with some soul, but this time she brought the funk and jazz with her courtesy of P Change and Industrial Revelations. She played some songs from her first album, Choklate, and some from her upcoming spring 2009 release. It was real cool and chill, just what we were lookin for to start the day.

After that we made a run over to the EMP stage to see Grieves. This young cat, I really like. This would be my only opportunity to see him live before he moved to San Diego...which translates as "A whales vagina" if you didn't already know. Anyway, for the most part, he didn't disappoint. It's really the venue that disappoints, has the makings to be a dope spot but the sound is shit some times. Dude has a joint called "Irreversible" that you can check out here. The thing is, dude spits some serious shit, and then on the next track is some like off the wall shit like "Capitol Hill Girls"...Seattlites know what he's talkin bout in this song.

Up next, The Physics. I haven't heard a whole lot of The Physics, and what I have heard I really couldn't get into, you know, really sink my teeth into...but what the hell it's free and so lets check it out. They have some good energy on stage, but there is just something that it is lacking to me. I know they got a lot of people around here all hyped...I just don't know. To each their own though, Imma keep listenin maybe they just need to grow on me.

So I gotta be honest with you for a second, I think this may be only the second or third time that I have heard Del the Funky Homosapien. Crazy, I know, but it's the truth. I have to admit another thing, I really didn't get to hear much. After 3 days of fighting crowds, and all the bullshit that comes with it, I was worn the fuck out! We sat way back, and listened from afar. I definitely need to cop some albums though. It was kinda funky and cool!

So, initally, it was supposed to be Ludacris that closed out Bumbershoot on the least I think. When he flaked (thanks Luda) I was a little disappointed. Then came the announcement that Death Cab for Cutie would be closing. Now you got my attention. Seattle band, closing out Bumbershoot...isn't that the way it is supposed to be? I got into these guys a few years back when my buddy Marc took us all to a show for his birthday. These dudes are dope, fa real. They brought down the place, with light shows, fireworks, and good ass music.

When all was said and done, it was another good year at Bumbershoot, can't wait for the next one. Actually, I can cause my ass slept for like 3 days after! Peace.

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