Thursday, September 25, 2008

Weekend update...

So it was another big weekend for Catch and Benny, as I said earlier we had Common and N.E.R.D on Thurday and Alica Keys on Saturday. Imma save the best for last and start with...Alicia Keys.
After Thurday, I figured my elbows could use a little relaxation at a show. I like Alicia Keys as much as any other masculine, non-homosexual does.... She's good to look at and has some appealing music to listen to for an hour and a half...but damn I didn't know she had an ass like THAT! I don't have a picture to post that could possibly pay enough homage, this might help! I was impressed fo sho. She put on a good show, now do I think that it was worth my hard earned $75...not really. I mean, I saw Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D, Rhianna, AND Kanye for the same do the math! She barely had an opening act, one dude, who I must say did a pretty decent verson of Prince's "Purple Rain".

So at every show we go to there is always that one person...everyone knows them, they either got to drunk, to stone, or both to function properly and these two shows were no exception. At Alicia Keys there was this rediciously drunk chick sitting in front of us...I mean this crazy bitch (sorry mom) looked like a newborn trying to hold up her own head. She was with some dude that was stuntin with the suit, hat, and stunna shades who kept sayin to his buddy sittin next to him "I gotta get the fuck outta here dawg, ya feel me?". He then put in his bluetooth and proceeded to call another chick during the show.

Lemme digress here for a minute...*Insert screeching soapbox sound here* I have a few particularities one of them is proper bluetooth etiquette, another is jean shorts (but I think we covered that one already). There is a time and place for a bluetooth hands free headset...NOT while you're in any sort of location where it is just as easy to reach in your pocket and pull out your phone or where it is too fucking loud to hear your phone ring (consider what the person on the other line hears). These places include (but are not limited to) standing in any sort of line, sitting at a table in a restaurant where you and your wife/husband are BOTH on your bluetooth while your kids run rampant in the aisles, the mall, and definitely NOT a fucking concert!
Aaaaannnnyway, lets just say that dude shoulda got outta there sooner rather than later...probably before she pissed herself in her seat. Now I cannot be positive that is what took place, but she stood up and her nicely cushioned chair was sufficiently soaked! WHAT? WOW. So she may be the lucky winner for idiots at a concert!

Now on to the good stuff!

I have seen N.E.R.D. and Common each once before, but at larger venues, so I was pretty stoked to see them in this atmosphere. Lemme tell you this, it didn't let me down one bit! N.E.R.D., sans Chad, opened and were wicked fun. I mean these dudes are crazy, Pharrell and Shay jump around like a couple of freaks. I would like to be the first nominate Pharrell for the next edition of Dancing With The Stars, I'm just sayin...I'm just sayin. When they performed Everyone Nose they invited about 30, some beautiful most not, women on the stage with them and then gave the hot ones backstage passes. Awesome!

So the girl in the middle of the video with the thigh high probably one of the biggest N.E.R.D. fans EVER. Catch knows her from his day job, and we ran into her at the show. She has a N.E.R.D. tattoo on the inside of her wrist AND the only chick on stage that knew EVERY word to the song. Needless to say, she may have groped Pharrell but I don't think he really minded all that much. I think this was directed at her:

So, once again there was "that" guy. So at the point when they were going to play "Rockstar", Pharrell points in my direction..."I want that dude on the stage". I immediately go into "geek" mode..."holy shit dude, I'm going on stage". Then I came crashing to the ground..."the dude with the shiny shirt". Well, since I wasn't the jack ass wearing a shiny wasn't me. So, this dude gets up on the stage, starts jumpin around and walks up to Pharrell. Pharrell looks at him and says, "You can't see me, I'm a......" and placed the mic in front of his face. Now, if you know anything at all about N.E.R.D. then you know that the correct answer would be "rockstar". Nope this dude stands there, staring at him like Corky from Life Goes On...again Pharrell says, "You can't see me I'm a......" and places the mic again, this time attempting to prompt him with music. It was like a light bulb flashed on in this dudes head, this moronic fuck takes a deep breath and yells..."NEEEEERRRRDDDD". Are you fucking shittin me...ROCKSTAR you fuckin difficult is it. They continue on with the song, mind you dude is still jumpin around on the stage like and epileptic, and trips over one of the speakers and falls flat on his dumb ass. Classic. Word to the wise, and note to self, know the words to arguably their most popular song and don't fall over the speaker. Check and check!

Common comes out next, and I'm pretty sure it sounded like Niagara Falls they way the women got wet and the panties started droppin (again, sorry mom). Figuratively, definitely not literally or I might have ALOT different pictures! Normally a pretty laid back dude, it seems, but the energy didn't drop at all. I mean, sure, it laid back for a minute here and there but I thought he did a good job keepin the show goin. God I wish he woulda done "The Bitch in You" or brought Serena out on stage with him...I would have taken either one. He did the usual old and new mix, then Pharrell shows up on stage to do "Universal Mind Control" with him. They were both dancin and jumpin around...Common got into some B-Boy shit too.

Then at the end, this mafucker takes one of the cymbals from one of the percussionists and starts beatin on it like he is having a psychotic break. Literally, it was like he went American Psycho and murdered that bitch. Then starts throwing the damn thing around the stage, kickin it and shit...stand and all! Good shit.

Alright y'all, it's time for me to hit the sack and get some night job tends to interfere with that a bit. Peace.

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