Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bumbershoot Day 2: Trials and Tribulations of Monkey Face...

You just got MONKEY FACED bithches...and probably in the face since your looking at the screen!

Lemme explain the monkey face a little bit better. My buddy Troye found the stuffed monkey face randomly amid 25,000 screaming Beck fans and began throwing it at people and yelling "you just got monkey faced". He then proceeded to attach it to a lanyard around his neck and wear it for the remainder of the weekend, using it to get into shows and various "VIP" areas because...well...people loved the monkey face.

Bumbershoot Day 2:

We got there a little earlier on day 2 to make sure that we could get tickets to the comedy show that we wanted to see, Satiristas. More on Satiristas later on. There wasn't much that we were interested in seeing in the morning so we just wandered around, ate some food, waited for the next on our list, and cruised by the Rockstar Vert Ramp again.  My buddies were geekin over the girls handing out Rockstar Energy Drink in their little short ass shorts...I swear them girls didn't have any panties on. Not my type of "ladies". For some strange reason, I don't know why, but I never get tired of watching guys damn near break their neck (or other appendage). It amuses me, call it weird...but you all know that you have rubber necked at a car wreck hoping to see some sort of carnage! 

Keyshia Cole was first up on the list of the day. She was playing at the Mainstage, which generally means lots of people, partially obstructed view, and a whole lot of monkey facing. Keyshia played all her usual songs, danced around, and shook her ass nicely if I do say so myself. Catch, I think I have a thing for women of color!

Directly after Keyshia Cole on the Mainstage was T.I.. Again, pretty decent show more crowd involvement (ie: singing his lyrics) than I would have liked, but all in all a pretty decent show. I haven't heard "Rubberband Man" in a minute, and was hyped to hear him start the show with it.

We scooted over the the Fisher-Green Stage and caught a little bit of Orgone before we went over to the comedy stage. Orgone is a funk/soul/afro beat band from California. It was cool to groove for a minute, but we had a date with the Satiristas.

So on to the Satiristas...I thought I was going to bust a motherfucking gut at these guys and gals. The Satiristas are made up of Janeane Garofolo, Marc Maron, Rep. Richard (Dick) Martin, and Tom Rhodes. They are, for the most part, a political satire comedy troup. Rep. Dick Martin is a "Republican" Representative from Ohio and plays the conservative card quite well. He opened up the the floor to questions. The first question went something like this...Blond Girl: How many houses to you have? (laughs from the audience), Rep. Dick: How many abortions have you had? I bet my number is less. Next question (roars from the audience).  Now, I am not one to laugh at abortion, but that was some funny shit. 
Next was Janeane, I had a difficult time following Janeane I have to be honest.  She was like a 10 year old ADHD kid all hopped up on Red Bull and crack. Seriously, from one thing to the next without any real flow, mildly humorous. 
Marc Maron and Tom Rhodes, now there was a couple of funny dudes. They were both on Air America radio show. I can't remember much of them, cause I was laughing my ass off. 
The show was well worth waking up earlier and standing in line for at least an hour waiting for tickets.

The Saturday Knights are sort of a Rap/Rock fusion group from Seattle. Tilson, Barfly, and DJ Suspense bring a lot of energy and good times to the stage. They have a new album out entitled "Mingle" out now. You can actually download it for free here until September 18th and you can check them out here.

Brother Ali is next up. This cat...I really like. Brother Ali is an albino cat from Minnesota who really brought it to us. I have heard him once before at a different show, but is one of those dudes that you tend to sleep on until you hear/see him again. Strong flow, catchy rhymes, and a new album "The Truth is Here". You can check him out here or here

A little reggae music from Lee "Scratch" Perry and day two is a wrap. Needless to say that we chose to exclude ourselves from the Mainstage night acts...The Black Keys and The Stone Temple Pilots, I'm sure it was a great show...for someone else.  Stay tuned for day 3...man this shit is taking too long! Peace.

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