Monday, September 29, 2008

As If You Needed Another Reason...

He's the coolest muhfuckin' candidate in history!!! Thanks to Punch for this one...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just a little somethin to wet your whistle....

Yeeeeaaaahhh, Poppa and Puff...

Wow, what a night...

So I have to preface this by saying that I didn't get the opportunity to sit down an watch the debate tonight. Sorry some of us have night jobs that, dammit, take up a majority of our "primetime" television watching. Honestly, Catch is the "Senior Political Analyst" of this blog, but I wanted to get my 2 cents in first. I have, however, had the good luck of having a slow night here and have been able to watch a vast majority of clips from the debate and some of the follow up interviews! WOW...did he really compare Barack to G.W...really? Somebody toss that guy some Aricept...I think his Alzheimer's is acting up. I think my favorite, and the favorite of others, was the "orgy on spending" line. I didn't think it would be possible to work the word "orgy" into a presidental debate. Classic...outside the box. All in all, from what I have seen, it looks like a good night for the "good guys" and a bad night for the "axis of evil".

I loved the way that Obama seemed to address each and every answer towards McCain, but it seemed that McCain could not look him in the face, or in his direction for that matter. Wow...! He just looked, at times, a little lost...and at other times totally on top of his game. *Looking at Senator John McCain* can't bring a knife to a gun fight homey. You gotta be on top of your game a ALL times with this Barack cat. If you like some good reading and insight check out DJ Hyphen's blog, dude is has some good reading and watching there. Peep the post debate interview of Joe Biden, and with that, I digress...

I am sure that by now everyone has seen and heard the Sarah Palin interview with Katie Couric...I like to refer to it as the "crisis" interview. If she is "ill" about the state of the economy...she should be on her death bed after this interview! One statement I read that hit the nail on the head..."Sarah Palin looked like a college student the showed up to class without doing the required reading and was unprepared". I couldn't have put it better.

Seriously, one 72 year old heart beat away from the presidency...seriously! Let's do our part to MAKE change. If you're not down with that, I got two words for ya.... Peace.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Weekend update...

So it was another big weekend for Catch and Benny, as I said earlier we had Common and N.E.R.D on Thurday and Alica Keys on Saturday. Imma save the best for last and start with...Alicia Keys.
After Thurday, I figured my elbows could use a little relaxation at a show. I like Alicia Keys as much as any other masculine, non-homosexual does.... She's good to look at and has some appealing music to listen to for an hour and a half...but damn I didn't know she had an ass like THAT! I don't have a picture to post that could possibly pay enough homage, this might help! I was impressed fo sho. She put on a good show, now do I think that it was worth my hard earned $75...not really. I mean, I saw Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D, Rhianna, AND Kanye for the same do the math! She barely had an opening act, one dude, who I must say did a pretty decent verson of Prince's "Purple Rain".

So at every show we go to there is always that one person...everyone knows them, they either got to drunk, to stone, or both to function properly and these two shows were no exception. At Alicia Keys there was this rediciously drunk chick sitting in front of us...I mean this crazy bitch (sorry mom) looked like a newborn trying to hold up her own head. She was with some dude that was stuntin with the suit, hat, and stunna shades who kept sayin to his buddy sittin next to him "I gotta get the fuck outta here dawg, ya feel me?". He then put in his bluetooth and proceeded to call another chick during the show.

Lemme digress here for a minute...*Insert screeching soapbox sound here* I have a few particularities one of them is proper bluetooth etiquette, another is jean shorts (but I think we covered that one already). There is a time and place for a bluetooth hands free headset...NOT while you're in any sort of location where it is just as easy to reach in your pocket and pull out your phone or where it is too fucking loud to hear your phone ring (consider what the person on the other line hears). These places include (but are not limited to) standing in any sort of line, sitting at a table in a restaurant where you and your wife/husband are BOTH on your bluetooth while your kids run rampant in the aisles, the mall, and definitely NOT a fucking concert!
Aaaaannnnyway, lets just say that dude shoulda got outta there sooner rather than later...probably before she pissed herself in her seat. Now I cannot be positive that is what took place, but she stood up and her nicely cushioned chair was sufficiently soaked! WHAT? WOW. So she may be the lucky winner for idiots at a concert!

Now on to the good stuff!

I have seen N.E.R.D. and Common each once before, but at larger venues, so I was pretty stoked to see them in this atmosphere. Lemme tell you this, it didn't let me down one bit! N.E.R.D., sans Chad, opened and were wicked fun. I mean these dudes are crazy, Pharrell and Shay jump around like a couple of freaks. I would like to be the first nominate Pharrell for the next edition of Dancing With The Stars, I'm just sayin...I'm just sayin. When they performed Everyone Nose they invited about 30, some beautiful most not, women on the stage with them and then gave the hot ones backstage passes. Awesome!

So the girl in the middle of the video with the thigh high probably one of the biggest N.E.R.D. fans EVER. Catch knows her from his day job, and we ran into her at the show. She has a N.E.R.D. tattoo on the inside of her wrist AND the only chick on stage that knew EVERY word to the song. Needless to say, she may have groped Pharrell but I don't think he really minded all that much. I think this was directed at her:

So, once again there was "that" guy. So at the point when they were going to play "Rockstar", Pharrell points in my direction..."I want that dude on the stage". I immediately go into "geek" mode..."holy shit dude, I'm going on stage". Then I came crashing to the ground..."the dude with the shiny shirt". Well, since I wasn't the jack ass wearing a shiny wasn't me. So, this dude gets up on the stage, starts jumpin around and walks up to Pharrell. Pharrell looks at him and says, "You can't see me, I'm a......" and placed the mic in front of his face. Now, if you know anything at all about N.E.R.D. then you know that the correct answer would be "rockstar". Nope this dude stands there, staring at him like Corky from Life Goes On...again Pharrell says, "You can't see me I'm a......" and places the mic again, this time attempting to prompt him with music. It was like a light bulb flashed on in this dudes head, this moronic fuck takes a deep breath and yells..."NEEEEERRRRDDDD". Are you fucking shittin me...ROCKSTAR you fuckin difficult is it. They continue on with the song, mind you dude is still jumpin around on the stage like and epileptic, and trips over one of the speakers and falls flat on his dumb ass. Classic. Word to the wise, and note to self, know the words to arguably their most popular song and don't fall over the speaker. Check and check!

Common comes out next, and I'm pretty sure it sounded like Niagara Falls they way the women got wet and the panties started droppin (again, sorry mom). Figuratively, definitely not literally or I might have ALOT different pictures! Normally a pretty laid back dude, it seems, but the energy didn't drop at all. I mean, sure, it laid back for a minute here and there but I thought he did a good job keepin the show goin. God I wish he woulda done "The Bitch in You" or brought Serena out on stage with him...I would have taken either one. He did the usual old and new mix, then Pharrell shows up on stage to do "Universal Mind Control" with him. They were both dancin and jumpin around...Common got into some B-Boy shit too.

Then at the end, this mafucker takes one of the cymbals from one of the percussionists and starts beatin on it like he is having a psychotic break. Literally, it was like he went American Psycho and murdered that bitch. Then starts throwing the damn thing around the stage, kickin it and shit...stand and all! Good shit.

Alright y'all, it's time for me to hit the sack and get some night job tends to interfere with that a bit. Peace.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Say it ain't so...

Wow, what's up with Jean Grae? Man, this girl is one of the baddest emcees around, male or female. Ever wonder why some people blow up and others don't? Thanks to CH for this one!

Jean Grae Will Do Original Verses..For $$$, lol. (NYC and beyond )

Reply to:$$$,%20lol.%20%20(NYC%20and%20beyond%20) [?]
Date: 2008-09-18, 3:32PM EDT

So, the economy sucks.... I apparently have another unauthorized album for sale dropping Sept 30th and I figure, if everyones gonna make money offa me, why not make it directly and directly to the people who really love this shit anyway.
Out the hands of big business, straight to you.

So.. you got beats?? cd's?? envelopes?? yousendit?? protools?
Whatever you got I'll try and find a way to work with it.

I work fast, so you'll have em fast.

16's for $800 (cause 8's half of 16..ooh math! math yo!) and yeah..we can negotiate.
Maybe you want a hook.. or 8 bars. or an into.. or outro.. whatever.
Figured we'd take advantage of our online community, since some of us may not get the chance to meet in person.
Kinda stick it to the man too. Who doesn't like that?
You send it to me.. You know you gotta pay me first.. lol ... Trust me, if I don't do it you can find me, right? And talk crappity crap about me, cause it's the internet.. I like the honor system and was raised on it.

Sooo... lets have some fun with it.. for ONCE in a long time.
Once you got it, you got it. Not looking for any extra publishing or anything..
Like Half Baked, "Go! Sell Weed!"

Just decided to do this today, so we can do deposits or western union.
I like working with people who love doing this and dont get enough shine.. plus, I like money just coming to me.
I'll put different songs up on my myspace everyday and change you guys to my top friends.
I'm sure I'll find some producers/emcees I didn't even know about and that would be awesome.

ok go!


Don't believe me...peep it here.

I'll be back with more later...Peace!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another biiiig week...

Catch and I are in for another big week ladies and gentlemen.... So we got Common and N*E*R*D on Thurday night and, well, Alicia Keys on Saturday. C'mon, sometimes you gotta take one for the team...besides, she ain't bad to look at...ain't bad at all!

C'mon now, look into those eyes and tell me she ain't fine...if you need a reminder maybe you should check out the movie "Smokin Aces" again and get back to me! Peace.

Whew...Bumbershoot Day 3

Alright y'all after 3 full days of music it was time to just chill fa real. We started off the day with Choklate. This woman can sing. I have seen her a few times throughout the past few years and every time is different. She is a soul/funk/R&B singer from the Seattle area. I have seen her jam out with a rock band, and sing her ass off with some soul, but this time she brought the funk and jazz with her courtesy of P Change and Industrial Revelations. She played some songs from her first album, Choklate, and some from her upcoming spring 2009 release. It was real cool and chill, just what we were lookin for to start the day.

After that we made a run over to the EMP stage to see Grieves. This young cat, I really like. This would be my only opportunity to see him live before he moved to San Diego...which translates as "A whales vagina" if you didn't already know. Anyway, for the most part, he didn't disappoint. It's really the venue that disappoints, has the makings to be a dope spot but the sound is shit some times. Dude has a joint called "Irreversible" that you can check out here. The thing is, dude spits some serious shit, and then on the next track is some like off the wall shit like "Capitol Hill Girls"...Seattlites know what he's talkin bout in this song.

Up next, The Physics. I haven't heard a whole lot of The Physics, and what I have heard I really couldn't get into, you know, really sink my teeth into...but what the hell it's free and so lets check it out. They have some good energy on stage, but there is just something that it is lacking to me. I know they got a lot of people around here all hyped...I just don't know. To each their own though, Imma keep listenin maybe they just need to grow on me.

So I gotta be honest with you for a second, I think this may be only the second or third time that I have heard Del the Funky Homosapien. Crazy, I know, but it's the truth. I have to admit another thing, I really didn't get to hear much. After 3 days of fighting crowds, and all the bullshit that comes with it, I was worn the fuck out! We sat way back, and listened from afar. I definitely need to cop some albums though. It was kinda funky and cool!

So, initally, it was supposed to be Ludacris that closed out Bumbershoot on the least I think. When he flaked (thanks Luda) I was a little disappointed. Then came the announcement that Death Cab for Cutie would be closing. Now you got my attention. Seattle band, closing out Bumbershoot...isn't that the way it is supposed to be? I got into these guys a few years back when my buddy Marc took us all to a show for his birthday. These dudes are dope, fa real. They brought down the place, with light shows, fireworks, and good ass music.

When all was said and done, it was another good year at Bumbershoot, can't wait for the next one. Actually, I can cause my ass slept for like 3 days after! Peace.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feeling kinda Blu...

Awww shit!!!! Just found the latest from my favorite younger cat over at HHB (or is it Freestyle Madness now? Who cares, they got what you need!) Peep it over there, but buy it on September 23rd - insert obligatory "support the artist" comment here, but for real: BUY IT. If you ain't heard the first Johnson&Jonson, you're gay. OK, maybe not, but you might have a hankerin' for some homo-type shit...not that there's anything wrong with that Benny. Anyways, peep the first one, buy the new one, and enjoy.

Here's a little something extra, courtesy of 2DopeBoys.


More here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Skateboard P is rediculious...

P is wicked stupid..."Naw son, naw son"!!!

Love me some Erykah...

Hey girl, heyyyyy!!!

Good to see Q-Tip again...damn I wish I coulda been at Rock the Bells.  Shout to my girl Courtney who was on stage with Q over in NYC for a little crowd participation. It's ok girl, but you know I gotta post it up! She was representin for a minute though...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Motown 25

I heard this cut the other day while I was driving to my full time job ( hence the reason I dont blog as much, you beezies) dont know much about Elzhi but Royce the 5"9 is making his mark with this cut. This song is bangin, we haven't really talked about an album or song for a minute so I took it back to the roots, yeee! Anyways until the next time Keep it Will and quit Acting Like some Bitches.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bumbershoot Day 2: Trials and Tribulations of Monkey Face...

You just got MONKEY FACED bithches...and probably in the face since your looking at the screen!

Lemme explain the monkey face a little bit better. My buddy Troye found the stuffed monkey face randomly amid 25,000 screaming Beck fans and began throwing it at people and yelling "you just got monkey faced". He then proceeded to attach it to a lanyard around his neck and wear it for the remainder of the weekend, using it to get into shows and various "VIP" areas because...well...people loved the monkey face.

Bumbershoot Day 2:

We got there a little earlier on day 2 to make sure that we could get tickets to the comedy show that we wanted to see, Satiristas. More on Satiristas later on. There wasn't much that we were interested in seeing in the morning so we just wandered around, ate some food, waited for the next on our list, and cruised by the Rockstar Vert Ramp again.  My buddies were geekin over the girls handing out Rockstar Energy Drink in their little short ass shorts...I swear them girls didn't have any panties on. Not my type of "ladies". For some strange reason, I don't know why, but I never get tired of watching guys damn near break their neck (or other appendage). It amuses me, call it weird...but you all know that you have rubber necked at a car wreck hoping to see some sort of carnage! 

Keyshia Cole was first up on the list of the day. She was playing at the Mainstage, which generally means lots of people, partially obstructed view, and a whole lot of monkey facing. Keyshia played all her usual songs, danced around, and shook her ass nicely if I do say so myself. Catch, I think I have a thing for women of color!

Directly after Keyshia Cole on the Mainstage was T.I.. Again, pretty decent show more crowd involvement (ie: singing his lyrics) than I would have liked, but all in all a pretty decent show. I haven't heard "Rubberband Man" in a minute, and was hyped to hear him start the show with it.

We scooted over the the Fisher-Green Stage and caught a little bit of Orgone before we went over to the comedy stage. Orgone is a funk/soul/afro beat band from California. It was cool to groove for a minute, but we had a date with the Satiristas.

So on to the Satiristas...I thought I was going to bust a motherfucking gut at these guys and gals. The Satiristas are made up of Janeane Garofolo, Marc Maron, Rep. Richard (Dick) Martin, and Tom Rhodes. They are, for the most part, a political satire comedy troup. Rep. Dick Martin is a "Republican" Representative from Ohio and plays the conservative card quite well. He opened up the the floor to questions. The first question went something like this...Blond Girl: How many houses to you have? (laughs from the audience), Rep. Dick: How many abortions have you had? I bet my number is less. Next question (roars from the audience).  Now, I am not one to laugh at abortion, but that was some funny shit. 
Next was Janeane, I had a difficult time following Janeane I have to be honest.  She was like a 10 year old ADHD kid all hopped up on Red Bull and crack. Seriously, from one thing to the next without any real flow, mildly humorous. 
Marc Maron and Tom Rhodes, now there was a couple of funny dudes. They were both on Air America radio show. I can't remember much of them, cause I was laughing my ass off. 
The show was well worth waking up earlier and standing in line for at least an hour waiting for tickets.

The Saturday Knights are sort of a Rap/Rock fusion group from Seattle. Tilson, Barfly, and DJ Suspense bring a lot of energy and good times to the stage. They have a new album out entitled "Mingle" out now. You can actually download it for free here until September 18th and you can check them out here.

Brother Ali is next up. This cat...I really like. Brother Ali is an albino cat from Minnesota who really brought it to us. I have heard him once before at a different show, but is one of those dudes that you tend to sleep on until you hear/see him again. Strong flow, catchy rhymes, and a new album "The Truth is Here". You can check him out here or here

A little reggae music from Lee "Scratch" Perry and day two is a wrap. Needless to say that we chose to exclude ourselves from the Mainstage night acts...The Black Keys and The Stone Temple Pilots, I'm sure it was a great show...for someone else.  Stay tuned for day this shit is taking too long! Peace.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Release Your Inner Rage...

So...I know it's been a bit (I hear you B, but you can't have AYCE to yourself...yet!). What can I say, life gets in the way sometimes. As much as I'd like to tell you I've got something new for you - some keen insight as to why Rick Ross is such a douche, why Fiddy wears that gay-ass captain's uniform, or how it is that Willy can't put up a post on this blog to save his damn life, but I digress...
What I do have for you though, if you haven't already seen it at King Hater's blog, or the other various outlets (originally from Above the Fold), the greatest Rock/Rap group of all time was in Minneapolis/St. Paul to, ahem, "celebrate" with all the other elitist fogies at the RNC. After just listening to John McCain spout on and on tonight about his plan to spend billions on creating a new band of ultra-nationalist fools ("blah, blah, blah, 911, blah, blah, blah, P.O.W., blah, blah, blah I remember when Moses parted the Red Sea"), this was exactly what I needed:

If you want to be heard, find a way to speak out! Now's the time for all of us to find our own megaphones and scream out to the buffoons who've been running this place where a lot of us live, and a lot of others loathe.

/steps off considerable soapbox

I get a little riled up during election-season, sorry. Anyway, who else can't fucking wait for that new Heltah Skeltah shit to drop? Ruck and Rock in '08 bitches!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Looks like this is my blog now...

Well since I seem to be the only one holdin down the fort here, looks like this is my blog now (insert evil laugh here). It has been a busy week or so around here what with Bumbershoot and Labor Day I'm gonna give y'all a recap of the weekend. Bear with me here, it was a full 3 days of music, comdey, adult beverages, and puffin to pass on to y'all so it's gonna take a few posts.Now, Bumbershoot is a 3 day music, comedy, and arts event held every year at the Seattle Center...for most it's just an excuse to puff on the good stuff, hang out, and listen to some good and not so good music. This year was no exception

Bumbershoot Day 1:

So the day started off all fucked up...woke up late, missed the bus (yeah I ride the bus from time to time), and missed the first act on my list, Grynch. I am told that Grynch held it down with a great show. I heard the dudes from the Rockstar Skate Team talkin about it everywhere I went that day, so I was a little pissed that I missed it. Big ups to Grynch though, strong work lil homey.
Estelle was next on the list. Now I know that everyone may be a bit tired of "American Boy", but you gotta was a catchy tune for a minute. Estelle didn't disappoint at all, not to mention that she is not bad to look at...

Some of you may remember our buddy Troye from earlier posts, the stoner that gives the worst directions on the planet. This is his weekend...I am not absolutely sure of the total weight amount of weed this cat gets for the weekend but I know that he carries anywhere from 12-15 joints and at least 1 blunt with him daily for the festivities. Needless to say, that time between shows was spent getting food, drinks, people watching (laughing) and seeing some of the side the Rockstar Skateboard Team on the vert ramp. I have been a big fan of skateboarding but never seen dudes on a vert ramp, except on TV. These dudes are crazy, fa real. 

Next was "CoochieMagic" I really need to say more. Christa Bell is a phenomenal spoken word poet from the Seattle area that I have seen a few times. She is a former runner up in the national Slam Poetry competition as well. This particular "one woman show" I have not seen before, but I was definitely interested just from the name...say it with me one time..."CoochieMagic". Turns out this show was geared more for the women, but I am never one to turn down some insight as to what the hell a woman is thinking about. You can check her out for yourself at the above link or here.

The finale of the first day was Beck..."I got two turntables and a microphone". Only being a small fan, and mainly the older stuff at that, I was mainly just seeing for the sake of seeing. After the appropriately mentioned "Beck Blunt", I really don't remember much of Beck. It was slight awkward because I don't remember him speaking to the crowd. He came out, started singing, sang for like an hour and a half, then walked off stage. Then again, weed and the monkey face may have had something to do with it. 

What is the monkey face you ask? Well, here is where the night went a little nutty. So my buddy, and you will be hearing a lot about him in the next couple posts, finds a stuffed monkey face. Now, it is amazing to me what people will put up with when they are stoned and drunk. Anyway, my buddy finds the aforementioned stuffed monkey face on the ground and picks it up, he then proceeds to show it to everyone around us, suprisingly enough they seemed to be as enamored with it as well. One dude especially liked it, so Troye being 6'5 and stoned proceeds to spike the monkey face off this dudes face and then says..."Dude you just got monkey faced". Thinking to myself that this could get outta hand, I look over and the guy says, "Whoa, I just got monkey faced in the face". The monkey face remained with us for the rest of the weekend, got us into a few comedy acts, and the VIP lounge...

That is it for day number one, stay tuned for the further adventures of Monkey Face and the rest of the Bumbershoot weekend.... Peace.