Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Roth Boys in the buildin...

Since Catch apparently has goosebumps and has been jerkin to that video of Jay at GITD, I thought I would g'head and introduce him, and those of you that don't know him yet,  to Asher Roth. Now I'm not so sure that I slept on this on as much as I took the time to really listen to dude. You know everyone wants to compare him to Em, which...ain't a bad comparison. I mean, sometimes, his complex flow sounds alot like early Eminem, without all the serious undertones. Asher just likes to party and have a good time. Seriously, who throws a keg party EVERY Sunday...Asher Roth does...and you're invited.  I mean everytime I hear about "white rappers", I think of Shamerock...oops I mean Shamrock from "The White Rapper Show". Asher Roth is a breath of fresh air.

His mixtape with Cannon and DJ Drama came out sometime in May or June, and from what I read he is the first white boy to do a mixtape with Cannon and Drama.  On his myspace he claims to have spit 150 bars to Jay-Z in his office...on the spot. WHAAAAT???...a 150 bars...shit most wouldn't be able to spit a fresh 16 and this dude does 150. Anyway, his...uhh..."remix" of J's "Roc Boys" is not only sick but we find out what that 150 bars did for him..."Jay passed on me for Pittsburgh Slim/but in the end I am kickin it with Steve Rifkind". Now, I know in the whole scope of things my opinion means shit, but this is really all I have to say to Jay..."You know you done fucked up right?" Asher even takes a little shot at Jay it seems..."Figga what Jigga figga'd, then figga more/figga Jigga bitta because he didn't know/but when has a Jigga decision ever gone gold?/...I don't know". Then later he says "This is the same shit that happened on Renegade"...refering to Jay gettin merked on his own song by...who else but...Eminem. Its some classic shit...there is a good intereview here where he explains what he meant. You know what...just watch this video...

You know kid had to do his "A Milli" remix like everybody else too. Dude is crazy when he spits..."How is George Bush not in jail for treasAN/but Clinton gets impeached for busting SemAN". He put up a free download of that shit as well and you can get it here. Once this cat gets some actual production and beats of his own, he is gonna be a beast...but hey, don't take my word for it, crack a 40 of your own, and listen for yourself. Peace.

PS: We can turn out the lights and play "Who's in your mouth, mouth, mouth?" ...classic.

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