Friday, August 1, 2008


So, Luda's "freestyle" for Obama was pretty good/funny - and that beat was filthy, but I digress. Problem is, the firestorm that followed didn't work out like he probably planned: Obama had to denounce his "friend," and the conservative media (ahem, Fox News) is latching onto that shit and running with it. I get it, Luda was just saying what most of us would say to each other: Bush is mentally handicapped, and McCain used to sign his name on stone tablets. The stakes are so much higher here though. Race is such a touchy subject, and the tone of us vs. them from his song only serves to fuel the fire...potentially setting up more road-blocks (as if there weren't already enough) in front of Barack on his path to Pennsylvania Avenue.
On the bright side, folks like Big Boi also get it. His new cut with Mary J. is an equally powerful message. Of course, the haters out there won't talk about this one. And it's unfortunate, because this is how it's done (via G.O.O.D., via daily motion):

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