Friday, July 11, 2008

Random shit for your Friday enjoyment...

Releasing this Saturday, July 12 at 11am, the Nike 112 pack. The trio features all "ones" (Air Force, Air Max, and Air Trainer)...thanks to the homeys  RPS for being on top of the sneaker game!!

No More Reign in Seattle

Some of you...alright if you haven't heard then you've been under a rock or something...we in the city of Seattle will bid a bitter farewell to the SuperSonics. Jeff Green, Kevin Durant, and the rest will be taking their show to Oklahoma City next season. I saw two of their last home games including a double OT gem made possible by 2 treys from at the end of regulation, and the other at the end of the first OT. These young cats are gonna be good...too bad it won't be here. My only remaining hope is that Clay Bennett will end up with some shitty logo and colors, not to mention getting caught takin it from David Stern.... Thanks Davey for given it to us raw.... Well hopefully this clip will give us something to hope for in the future! Alright until next week. Peace.

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