Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How Ya' Gonna Hit a Kid?

Just got this in the inbox, all I can say is damn! Give some dude a t-shirt with a club-name on it and he thinks it's a license to kill. Obviously I don't know Double O, but just from what I've read and listening to Kidz' music, they don't strike me as the type to cause some shit. Anway, here's the statement released by their management:

"Double O from the hip hop group Kidz In The Hall was assaulted by several bouncers early Saturday morning, July 26, while inside a nightclub in Tempe, AZ following a Kidz In The Hall performance. Group member and friend Naledge, who did not witness the assault on Double O, was arrested outside of the club. Naledge's attempt to get medical assistance for Double O was misconstrued as a hinderence to the investigation. Reports that no injuries were sustained are false as Double O was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries from the excessive force used by club security. On Sunday morning Double O underwent surgery for one of his injuries. He is still in the hospital, but in stable condition.

In the last 2 years, Kidz In The Hall have traveled to over 10 countries, have done 200+ shows and never before been involved in any altercation, big or small, with club or concert security, or police officers."


Benny B said...

You got knocked the FUCK out man.....thats messed up.

P.E.A.C.E. said...

i went to arizona state and went out in tempe,az countless times...this does not surprise me one bit...bitch ass bouncers are so juiced on steriods and red bull...i mean its crazy. a club in scottsdale, az (pretty much tempe if yall dont know) came under fire last year for racism. evidentaly the bouncer told someone at the door that they have a 5 (N) more then 5 at a time...ya know what happend to the club...nothing! its crazy that shit like that still happens , especially somewhere like phoenix where there is so much diversity. its bullshit politcs...hatred paralyzes life, love illuminates it...

ps...nice blog man...big ups