Monday, June 16, 2008

You can call me Mr.....

It looks like Lil Weezy is all growns up!!! He finally became a man in this rap game. After hearing the lead single from the Carter III, I was real suspicious about the quality of this album. But I was definitely impressed that Lil' Wayne went outside the box, instead of using the voice box on every track. There is a plethora of producers, all from different parts of the country, putting in work on this album. Some of my favorite tracks are "Comfortable" featuring Babyface. Its got probably one of the dopest opening lines I've heard in a minute. Its dedicated to that female that's always talking shit about leaving....but knows she ain't going nowhere! His collaboration with Jay-Z "Mr. Carter" has the makings of a hit song, but loses its touch after the original Mr. Carters verse. Its almost like he's freestylin' as opposed to spitting a written 16. Another highlight of the album is his collaboration with David Banner "La La", the beats bangin' and the lyrics are tough. Last but not least "A Milli", from an little-known producer Bangladesh, has tight lyrics and a catchy hook. Overall, The Carter III is well deserved of going platinum, and probably will considering it sold over 460,000 albums in its first day. I'm glad to see that Hip-Hop Heads and Hip-Pop Heads can come together and enjoy the same album.

I know that some of you out there might disagree with my opinion, and feel like I've jumped on the mainstream bandwagon, but "I'm just keeping it Will", and like Snoop Dogg says "Telling it like it is!"

And just like a newborn baby.....I'm out this BITCH!!!

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