Monday, June 23, 2008

Surely, you must be joking...

Ok, so I finally watched the whole Ice-T/Soulja Boy "beef" today (little down time at work well spent), and while I was in awe of the complete fucking ignorance of today's youth, nothing could prepare me for what I saw next.

Now let me start by saying kanYe is one of my favorite artists: he's invovative, creative, and an entertainer through and through - one of the game's brightest stars, if not THE brightest. I don't care that he's mainstream (despite what "anonymous" said, we don't hate things just because they're popular), Ye is without a doubt a musical genius and I appreciate his talent. That said, he has lost his god damn mind man.

Ice-T is hip hop - "6 in the Mornin'" ring a bell? He's a big reason that this art form received so much attention, helping it grow to what it is today. Without people who blazed trails like Ice-T, little fucks like Soulja Boy wouldn't be able to put in "all that hard work" (fool, you're 17!) that has gotten him where he is today (one hit wonder is something to brag about now?)

This isn't about us "Golden-Age" revelers, wishing for the days of real hip hop to make a comeback (Ice-T was before that shit anyways). Shit, there are plenty of artists out there that give me hope and help me let go of my death grip on the Jansport. I say: make your money, son! That song was catchy; and ain't nothing wrong with a little dance cut here and there either. But I digress.

How in the world could someone with so much knowledge of the game, someone who has worked with the best and paid his dues to get to where he is today, side with this ass-clown? And not only that, how in the fuck can you compare fucking Soulja Boy to fucking Nas?!?!? Stop it man.

If a legend calls you out, you accept it. Nobody out there talked shit when Jordan told you to get your shit together. This is the same thing, Soulja Boy shoulda just took his lumps and worked on making some real music. And maybe kanYe should stick to what he does best: he may make some of the dopest music on the planet, but he has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to musical comparisons...that's for damn sure!!!!


Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks for the shout out! Now, as far as Souljah Boy being compared to Nas...that is some bullshit. No comparison what-so-ever. I don't know what Kanye was smokin when he said that! However, Souljah Boy does not make music for adults. He makes music for kids. Kids that really dont give a fuck what he's saying...all they wanna do is dance and have fun. Like he said in his you-tube video, Ice-T should be shaking his hand and congratulating him for taking care of his family off of ONE damn song!! Ice-T seems to be hatin on him, he just needs to leave that kid alone! I dont think it has anything to do with Souljah Boy takin his "lumps" as you put it, disrespect is disrespect. Ice-T is a legend in the game, but its been years since he's had ANYTHING to do with hip-hop. He needs to stick to Law & Order and continue buying his wife CoCo more hooker gear. And if he really feels like hip-hop is dead, why doesn't he do something about it???

catch91 said...

I got you man. Listen, like I said, Soulja (no 'H' homie) Boy made a hit song and a lot of money. And maybe you're right, maybe Ice-T should pat the little guy on the head and say good job. But a legend is a legend, and regardless of his current affiliation with hip-hop, as one of its founding fathers I think he's entitled to speak on the game. Sure, "eat a dick" probably wasn't necessary, but "garbage" is garbage... no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The context of the quote is important as well: he was asked to speak on Soulja Boy. It's not like he just picked on the kid out of the blue. That said, I'll also agree that Ice-T should be a part of the solution, if such a thing exists. But that doesn't mean that this kid can play the "old card" over and over again to dis a legend just because his feelings were hurt.

P.S. - Love the "hooker gear" line... funny shit man.

Benny B said...

No, I'm not joking...and don't call me Shirley.