Friday, June 6, 2008

Erykah Badu...Will you marry me?

Wow, y'all, thats all Benny really has to say after last nights performances...WOW! So last evening Lushus D's picked up Benny and we went to see The Roots and Erykah Badu. We had been worried all day, cause it was an outside show and it had been raining for like the past 3-4 days. Fuck, atleast we weren't sittin in the GA section on the wet ass grass. The Roots opened the show and, as always, they were off the chain. These guys are some real musicians...Black Thought, that dude is the realest.

?uestlove is...well ?uestlove. Dude was directin the whole show from behind his drum set. While Benny was stadin there, he started havin flashbacks to Dave Chappelle's Block Party...the overcast weather, the breeze, the possibility of rain, The Roots rockin the stage, and ?uest just sittin behind his drums pointin and yellin, runnin the whole show. The only disappointing thing is that they played, basically, the same show that they did the last time that Benny saw them. He was expecting to hear some stuff off the new album, but mostly just the good ol shit that kept the crowd jumpin. They played for about an hour which was just about right. Benny could have stood to listen to more of The Roots if he didn't have some crazy, dreadlocked bitch jumpin around in front of him like she was havin a seizure. Seriously, Lushus D's had to move my drink cause shit was fallin out her dreads while she was jumpin around like a fat kid with a fresh box of Pop Benny, he was a fat kid! Needless to say, Benny wanted more of The Roots but was a bit happy to see it end.

After a well deserved break, beer run, quick stop at the pisser, we were back in our seats for the beautiful, Erykah Badu. Now, Benny has always been a bit of an Erykah Badu fan...but for some reason never really noticed how fucking hot she is...lord have mercy. Afro, black, and white plaid eye make up...all that shit was hot. I had to inform Lushus, that...well, Erykah was now on "the list". Don't act like y'all don't know/have "the list". You know...the list of celebreties, musicians, actors, etc., that should the opportunity arise, one is free to have sex with and be free from reprocussions. Benny is pretty sure that if Erykah would have had the opportunity to meet him last night, well, he probably would have been able to cross her off the list! It's all about getting the opportunity and making the most of it!!! Erykah, should you read this...*wink* how you doin? This is for you.... Whew, ok ok, sip of cold water and we back. Benny, as much as he has liked Erykah from On and On, Bag Lady, You Got Me, and Love of My Life, has to admit that it has taken him awhile to get into the New Amerykah Part I (4th World War). He can't really explain why, maybe it is one of those albums that you have to listen to a couple of times before it really grows on you. She, and the songs, were great. Intros for the song from her iBook, which was on stage with her, and a live band backin her up. Wicked. She even did a drum machine solo and made her own beats. The best part is when she was told it was time to go, she said "we're gonna stay till they pull the motherfuckin plug". She did too, at one point the started turning down her mic. All in all, good fuckin show and I will be givin the album, New Amerykah Part 1 (4th World War) another listen. Here are a couple videos for your viewing pleasure.

Low and behold, you probably think that is the end of Benny's night...well you are sorely mistaken my friends. Benny and Lushus-Ds attended The Roots afterparts at Neumos with DJ ?uestlove on the 1s and 2s and MC Black Thought on the mic. Talk about infuckingcredible, there was probably 200 people there drinkin, dancin, but mostly just watchin ?uest. Then Black Thought came out and ripped the mic and stage apart. They performed a couple joints from the new album then ?uest just went berzerk, flippin songs and Black just kept freestylin until his voice was gone, which prompted the truest line of the night. When Black went behind the DJ table ?uest asked him if his voice was gone and Black gave the "cut throat" sign...?uest turns to the crowd and says, "Thats a true MC folks". ?uest continued to spin everything you could want or imagine, pretty sure there was even a Phil Collins sighting, until about 1:30am. Then he packed up, signed like 6 autographs (Benny and Lushus included) and was out!

That was an amazing night of music, drinks, and Dicks Drive In on the way home...the worst part is that I was to drunk to B my L on some T's! Alright, get back to work or whatever the hell you're supposed to be doin, I'm out. Peace.

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