Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bobby Ddddddigital...

Let me preface this post by saying 1) I HAVE NOT LISTENED TO THE ALBUM, and 2) DOES "ALL AGES" REALLY MEAN ALL AGES. So Tuesday night I went to see RZA as Bobby Digital for his new "Digi Snacks" album...admittedly I am a big Wu fan but never really got into RZAs solo stuff so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Now, knowing this going in I wanted to get the opinion of, probably, the biggest Wu fan I know...I mean the d-bag has an upside down "W" tatooed on his arm. As a matter of fact, this a-hole was supposed to be going to the show with me...**cough** Catch **cough**...but instead chose to sit home and organize his collection of Beanie Babies. Annnnyway, I digress, so I shoot him a text like, "Have you heard the album? What did you think?" This MFer sends me a text back like, "Typical RZA tryin to be atypical" this wasn't really helpful. As I stated earlier, I never really got into RZA so I don't know "typical RZA", ya dig.

Now to address preface #2...Is "all ages" really ALL ages? Gimme a break people...first it's like a pedophiles wet dream with all the 12-13 year old boys and girls runnin around there half nekkid with their asses hangin out. Geezus, it's like inviting Augustus Gloop to the Chocolate knew it was only a matter of time before he bent his fat ass down there and swirled his finger in that warm, moist, goodness. Where the hell are these kids parents and what kinda parent lets their kids be out until 1:30 am at 12-13? The thing that bugged me the most...I saw a couple there with their kids...these kids 4 and 7 years old. Who the fuck brings a 4 year old to a rap/hip-hop concert? Nevermind that it is loud as shit, nevermind that it is 11:30 before the headliner goes on stage, nevermind that the word "motherfucker" was used more times in a 30 second span than I used it all day...and I love the word motherfucker...these kids are 4 and 7 years old for shitsake that should be enough. "This is her 4th Wu show", oh really, whoopdyfukindoo...listen lady, I don't care how many Wu shows your 4 year old daughter has been to, I don't care how many times she has bitten the head off a live bat along side Ozzy is fucking 12:30 am she is fast asleep on the floor in a bar/club next to her brother and your tryin to wake them up between chugs off your Miller High Life long neck and drags from your Marlboro Red 100's...gimme a fuckin break, I'm sorry.

Whoosaaaawwww...ok I am centered again. So, actually, I thought the concert was pretty good. He played with a live band, which I always kinda enjoy, Stone Mecca. They are along the same lines as Galactic or Breakestra. It was a little slow at the beginning. RZA was doin alot of the stuff from his new album and I kinda got the feeling that there was alot of people like me, people who hadn't heard the album yet, and didn't really know what to expect. It seemed like he was doin alot of singin along with the band, which was cool. Thing picked up alot more when he started playing songs from his earlier Bobby Digital albums and a couple of Gravediggaz joints. Of course the stage damn near burst in to flames (not your kinda flames Catch) when he started with the Wu jams. It was cool, cause it got all quiet and dark then all you hear was...Tiiiiiiggggeeerrrstlye...the fuckin place went cuckoo. As RZA was saying his goodbyes, and thank you's...the DJ started spinnin ODB's "Shimmy Shimmy Ya", the place erupted, and RZA started all over again. It was an entertaining show...once again, well worth my $20.

PS: That purple is for you Catch, couldn't read the pink.
PSS: Boys and Girls...please do not sleep on that Dyme Def Mixtape...I have heard like 5 songs so far...all FIRE. Check out Catch's previous post for the jump to download it. Well worth your 3-5 minutes. Review soon enough.

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