Tuesday, June 3, 2008

3 bad brothaaaas...

Well, y'all since Willy decided to make a cameo last week and name drop a few of his favorites at the moment, Benny decided that he would elaborate a bit on one of them...Dyme Def. Benny first heard these dudes when they opened for Lupe Fiasco, come to think of it that was the first time he saw Lupe too. This was in a little ass ballroom at the University of Washington, again hotter than Satan's toenails and a less (way less) than stellar sound system, but these 3 young guys really caught Benny's ear. Brainstorm, S.E.V., and Fearce Villain flow over beats like Benny hasn't see in a young, local "group", and Benny means group. The three of them transition from one to the other effortlessly, with quite an entertaining bravado and this only comes out more when they are on stage.

The album, Space Music, is good listen and a great first effort with songs like ClapClap, TheGameNeedsMe, IAin'tNo, and 3BadBrothas leading the way. Benny is not quite sure how much "street cred" this hold but NPR rated it as the "third best hip hop album of 2007". The album can get a little slow in the middle, but you can't like EVERY song on every album. In Benny's opinion, and well this is Benny's blog, TheGameNeedsMe may be the best track on the album. Layed over a Jay-Z sample, TheGameNeedsMe, gives each an opportunity to blow themselves up a bit. Y'all will understand when you hear Fearce in the second verse...I'm the future/wonderin where the past went/I'm ahead of my time/so the future is past tense. Benny is expecting more big things from these dudes and with Brainstorm as MC and the primary beatmaker (you can hear some of his newest here), Fearce Villian, S.E.V., and BeanOne producing, he doesn't believe that is a large expectation.


Dyme Def interview from Sasquatch Music festival that I saw here.

You can read more about them in the "Unsigned Hype" section of The Source Magazine or here. They will also be joinin up with the Vans Warped Tour in August for 3 shows. Peace.

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