Friday, May 30, 2008

Seaclipse vs. Shyan Selah...who runs Seattle?

Sorry y'all but sometimes Benny sees some shit that he just has to comment on and get outta his system! This unfortunately is one of thos times.

"Born: Corey Davis on May 24, in Seattle, Washington, Seaclipse is a new Hip-Hop Artist and Entertainment Industry Entrepreneur. Having worked with such established recording artists as: Bun-B of UGK, Young Buck, Nelly and the St. Lunatics, Lil' Flip, Redman, Mystikal, and Huey, among so many other notable mainstream hip-hop artists, Seaclipse has cemented himself as the most well-networked commercial style hip-hop artist to currently hail from the (Northwestern Region) of the United States". Got this from his myspace here or you can go here. Thanks to Raindrophustla and 206proof.

No truer words were spoken, shit, by a man writin his own bio! Benny says "gimme a fuckin breaK"! Is that a sideburn or is he bout to get shanked by Captain Hook? Lookout dude...DAAAAMMMMNNN! Look at this fool in that picture sportin the "poser sag", if you don't know what Benny means, scroll down a few blogs and get caught up. Are those jean shorts? He do got a nice six-pack though...NO HOMO! I just don't know who's worse Seaclipse or this jackass...

Shyan "The God" Selah, seriously? The only thing you are a god of is being a douche bag. Will this dude just please GO AWAY! C'mon..."To call Shyan Selah a triple threat is a serious understatement. The MC/actor/model is not only now an artist on the verge of blowing up globally, but also a successful entrepreneur holding both the title of President/CEO of his company Brave New World...Leaving a promising football career to pursue music in Hollywood, he’s evolved from an incredible emcee to one of the sharpest, boldest and most creative men to ever take hold of the industry". You really gotta read some of the shit on here. What promising football career?? You played one year at like Eastern Washington or Central was on your way to the NFL/Pro Bowl brotha. How many gold and/or platnium albums??? GO AWAY dawg, fa reels. What up E-Casual, formerly of Casual Productions, formerly of Brave New World...Benny sees you!

How can you be "on the verge of blowing up globally", and your biggest gig is Friday night at the Wild Palms? Take off your sunglasses at night, Corey Hart, and get a fuckin job...thats the word of the day...J.O.B.

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