Saturday, May 24, 2008

Let's get it started...

Guess it is time to, as they say, shit or get off the pot! So Benny wanted to just take a second of your time to go ahead and introduce himself...Benny B y'all. Benny's first love is hip hop, but he ain't gonna be that guy in the club with the stunna shades on, he'll leave that to Willy Dough. He definitly ain't that one dimensional cat either, his tastes are all over the place. One day it might be Brotha Lynch to Talib Kweli, the next might be the smooth sound of John Coltrane. Benny is like a dog, he got his nose up every skirt that comes near!

As Catch said though, Benny does enjoy him some NW sound. Shout out to Blue Scholars, Common Market, Gabriel Teodros, Grynch, D Black, Macklemore, them Dyme Def cats, Grieves, Ohmega Watts, and anyone else from the NW out there in the game. Benny sees you and, more importantly hears you. That bein said, Benny's gonna post on a hodgepodge of shit...local, mainstream, underground, shows that he went to...basically whatever he is feelin that hour, day, week, whatever. Some will like it, some won't but it's all about Benny's opinion. You know what they say about opinions.... Hopefully, though, you will like what Catch, Willy, and Benny are tryin to do here and that will keep you comin back!

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catch91 said...

Apparently Benny will only refer to himself in 3rd person... HA!