Monday, May 26, 2008

It's about that time..

Yeah Ya'll, it's about that time for Willy Dough to come through and shine. First off, when did we as hip hop fans go from gold ropes and graffiti cans to tight pants and backpacks and internet sensations on You Tube. I am the first to give props to a tight artist but this is getting ridiculous. My top 5 artist in the deck right now, that should be in yours.
In no particular order;
Lupe Fiasco- After listening to his new album and his freshman I really dig the kid from the Go.
Bun B- Still holding it down for the South for all these years, and now worldwide.
Local Scene Pick- Dyme Def, 3 bad brothers most dont know so well, but soon will.
Ghostface Killah- On of my favorite rappers of all time, allways spits classics.
Mistah F.A.B-The Hyphy movement Ambassador.
I hope that you listen to some of these artist if you have never before and if your listening to that "Lollipop" I have something for you bitches to lick, no homo..ha ha.


Benny B said...
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Benny B said...

Oops! Lupe got tight pants and a backpack...Benny thinks he saw Catch's neck snap back with that jab! Whoa, Blossom!