Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Good "One"

It’s been two days since we went to the Blu/One Be Lo show. Two veeeeerrrrrryyyy long days. I’ve been meaning to write this for a minute, but the sound of the keyboard was like a gun going off next to my ear for the first couple hours on Monday morning. Took a bit to get rid of the hangover enough so to be able to write something. Lesson learned here: cheap vodka can fuck off!
So before we could hit the show, me and B had to drive to the north end of town to pick up another cat. Let me explain a few things about dude: he smokes more than you, drinks more than you, and plans so well for each event that he’ll have whatever you need, whenever you need it! He’s a good guy, but terrible at giving directions, especially after multiple blunts (“if you could go straight, that’s what you would do, but …” there’s a big fucking wall right there in your way.)
Anyways, the vodka began flowing at like 7 at this pizza joint across the street from the venue - I don’t know what it is with me and vodka lately, but I can’t get enough of it. Food? Check. Couple quick drinks? Check. Shots too? Check. Doors opened at 8, and we were good to go.
Walk in at like 8:15, lineup sheet says the first act doesn’t go until 9:30… fuck. Hit the bar. Bartender pours me a vodka soda in shot glass. Thanks bud, I’ll need about 10 more of those please. Chop Suey is the name of the joint, and it was aptly decorated with dragons and shit. It’s small as hell in there, which is cool because the bar is like 20 feet from the stage, but also lame because it felt like we were in a fucking deep fryer! The math goes like this: body heat of a couple hundred cats + no ventilation – air conditioning + the extra 75 l-b’s I’m carrying = gat damn! Someone get me some water… and a towel!
Finally, about four shot-glass-sized wodkas later, the show started. First act was pretty good: local group called the Physics. Sound quality was a little rough, but they had the place jumpin’ here and there. Next up was another local act that I’d heard a lot about, but never seen: Macklemore. Dude put on a good-ass show! He was flowing over that Herbie Hancock joint from Beverly Hills Cop at one point, wearing a denim jacket with hella tassles… sounds gay, but it was funny as shit! Dude can rhyme!
Quick side-note for you. Benny is that guy. Which guy you might ask? That guy: the one who wears a One Be Lo shirt to the One Be Lo show. Pretty gay you say? I would agree. But, beings that One Be Lo was walking around the joint, and Benny got to chat with him a couple times – and he took pictures with us after the show – I guess I’ll let B slide this time… but it’s still gay.
So Blu was supposed to go last according to the list up front (which I think was written in crayon, by a five year old, but I digress), and instead took the stage third. I slammed my latest vodka soda (lost count by this point) and went out to the floor. I was not disappointed. This dude is one of my favorites right now, and he reminded me why rocking several joints from Below the Heavens and a couple I haven’t heard yet. Short set, but sick as fuck.

I’d write more for you, maybe give you some actual details, but I really don’t remember much from about the mid-way point of Blu until the end. I remember One Be Lo putting on quite the show, and the crowd getting hype all throughout, but it’s all a little fuzzy.
(One more side note: this is why I keep all my ticket stubs, otherwise I’d forget all the shows I’ve been to.) Anyways, after the show we talked to One for a few, snapped a couple pics and said peace.

All in all: good shit.

All four acts were nice, and well worth the measly $10 ticket – despite the fact that I’ll be looking for a new shirt to replace the sweat soaked one I wore to the show. As for the hangover I had from the shitty vodka? I guess I earned it with my $70 bar tab. At least I remembered to close my tab though… *cough* Benny.

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Benny B said...

Fuck liquor...period. Benny thinks he needs to detox for a few weeks!