Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baggin vs Saggin and the saga of jean shorts...

So it goes without sayin that Benny got a little twisted up this weekend at the show...I mean fuck, why else would Catch have a $70 bar tab! Sonovabitch can go up there and close his tab but can't tap ya boy on the shoulder and be like "you should close your tab". Anyway, Benny's over it, got the tab closed and it's all good. Catch spoke the truth, the show was well worth the $10 and whatever HE spent on drinks!

Alright y'all, hold up...(insert scraping box noise here)...let Benny get up on his soap box for a few seconds and get some stuff up off his chest. So, while at the show enjoying a few (too many) drinks, Benny noticed an evergrowing trend that has gotten a little recockulous. It is something that Benny B likes to refer to as the "poser sag". Now, it is not to be confused with the "ass sag" which is when your pants are too big and are saggin so low your ass and draws is hangin out...and well you sorta look like an ass. The "poser sag" is when you got on some pants that would fit you if you were to wear them like they were meant to be worn...on your waist dipshit! The signature move of the "poser sag" is when the pants are pulled to midway down the ass and the belt is tightened to keep them there. Another would be when the poser in question feels the pants getting to low, rather than pulling them up where they should be he pulls them...ding, ding, ding we've got a midway down his ass. The "poser sag" is usually, but not always, accompanied by a "popped"collar. What ever happened to just gettin your pants like 1 size bigger so you're shit could be a little baggy?

Benny recently heard that Boyz II Men was tourin again...but did they have to bring back the jean shorts too? Here Benny thought jean shorts went out somewhere between 1999 and NEVER WERE in style. If you're the only cat in the club parlayin in some jean shorts, or you're 1 of 2 dudes at the Mariners/Red Sox game rockin them...then it's time to take your "Hip Hop Starter Kit" back to Marshalls, Denim Dan; and get a refund, store credit, gift card, sumthin...shit...maybe they could give you some credit here.

Whew, wow, Benny isn't quite sure where all that came was like he was a man posessed. Must been the liquor still in his system from Sunday night. Willy Dough up in the spot too, Benny see's you, just gon jump on in there with some shit like's not even in ALL CAPS. Awww, Catch, our little baby's all grows up! Peace.

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catch91 said...

So that's where you got that belt buckle!