Saturday, May 31, 2008

Celtics and Lakers...NBA Finals?...hmmm, weird.

My dedication to the NBA Finals...maybe now we know how Kobe won the MVP award, made it to the finals, and got acquitted of raping that girl in Utah! Good luck Kobe!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Oochie Wale...

Man, I don't know how long this has been out, but this shit is too ill!!! I'm in the process of downloading Wale's new mixtape right now (hopefully a review to come soon), but in the meantime, peep this video:


Seaclipse vs. Shyan Selah...who runs Seattle?

Sorry y'all but sometimes Benny sees some shit that he just has to comment on and get outta his system! This unfortunately is one of thos times.

"Born: Corey Davis on May 24, in Seattle, Washington, Seaclipse is a new Hip-Hop Artist and Entertainment Industry Entrepreneur. Having worked with such established recording artists as: Bun-B of UGK, Young Buck, Nelly and the St. Lunatics, Lil' Flip, Redman, Mystikal, and Huey, among so many other notable mainstream hip-hop artists, Seaclipse has cemented himself as the most well-networked commercial style hip-hop artist to currently hail from the (Northwestern Region) of the United States". Got this from his myspace here or you can go here. Thanks to Raindrophustla and 206proof.

No truer words were spoken, shit, by a man writin his own bio! Benny says "gimme a fuckin breaK"! Is that a sideburn or is he bout to get shanked by Captain Hook? Lookout dude...DAAAAMMMMNNN! Look at this fool in that picture sportin the "poser sag", if you don't know what Benny means, scroll down a few blogs and get caught up. Are those jean shorts? He do got a nice six-pack though...NO HOMO! I just don't know who's worse Seaclipse or this jackass...

Shyan "The God" Selah, seriously? The only thing you are a god of is being a douche bag. Will this dude just please GO AWAY! C'mon..."To call Shyan Selah a triple threat is a serious understatement. The MC/actor/model is not only now an artist on the verge of blowing up globally, but also a successful entrepreneur holding both the title of President/CEO of his company Brave New World...Leaving a promising football career to pursue music in Hollywood, he’s evolved from an incredible emcee to one of the sharpest, boldest and most creative men to ever take hold of the industry". You really gotta read some of the shit on here. What promising football career?? You played one year at like Eastern Washington or Central was on your way to the NFL/Pro Bowl brotha. How many gold and/or platnium albums??? GO AWAY dawg, fa reels. What up E-Casual, formerly of Casual Productions, formerly of Brave New World...Benny sees you!

How can you be "on the verge of blowing up globally", and your biggest gig is Friday night at the Wild Palms? Take off your sunglasses at night, Corey Hart, and get a fuckin job...thats the word of the day...J.O.B.

Waiting it time yet?

Just a couple of albums that Benny can't wait to hear, CRS and N*E*R*D. That Us Placers joint is the shit...who knew that day/that man would go to VA/with at Tech/and spray campuses. Pharrell's verse is just...ewwwww weeeeeee...sick!

Wonder which album this song will be on...hmmm, original on N*E*R*D and remix on CRS? She stopped drinkin Diet Coke/She on that Coke diet...lawd have mercy...can I get an AMEN from the congregation!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Damn that's "Cool"

Hard to believe that it took this long for "The Cool" to go-go-gadget-gold, but that's the reality of these days and times. Congrats, though, to one of the best rappers out there... and certainly one of the smartest cats rockin' the mic! Woulda been a cool-ass surprise party to be at:

Caught this over at okayplayer, so thanks to them for that. Can't wait for L-u-p-End, although I hope it's not the end.

Those were the days...

Man, so I'm reading up on Pacific Division - these Cali cats with the hot FAT Boys 08 jam - and I stumble on this little episode of cribs from their website... man, times is tough!

I remember what that shit was like. Get out and buy their shit (or at least a FAT boys T-shirt) so they can get their lights back on!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This Is The Life...

If y'all never heard about this, then what the hell you been watchin and listenin to? This Is The Life is the story of "The Good Life" emcees...and "is a feature-length documentary that chronicles...the alternative music movement they developed, and their worldwide influence on the artform". Benny was fortunate enough to see this film as part of the Langston Hughes African-American film festival in Seattle. This film was directed by Ava DuVernay, who also happens to be a "Good Life" emcee, and features music, interviews, and vintage footage from The Good Life. You can read more about it here. If you got love for hip hop music, then you gotta see this film.

Baggin vs Saggin and the saga of jean shorts...

So it goes without sayin that Benny got a little twisted up this weekend at the show...I mean fuck, why else would Catch have a $70 bar tab! Sonovabitch can go up there and close his tab but can't tap ya boy on the shoulder and be like "you should close your tab". Anyway, Benny's over it, got the tab closed and it's all good. Catch spoke the truth, the show was well worth the $10 and whatever HE spent on drinks!

Alright y'all, hold up...(insert scraping box noise here)...let Benny get up on his soap box for a few seconds and get some stuff up off his chest. So, while at the show enjoying a few (too many) drinks, Benny noticed an evergrowing trend that has gotten a little recockulous. It is something that Benny B likes to refer to as the "poser sag". Now, it is not to be confused with the "ass sag" which is when your pants are too big and are saggin so low your ass and draws is hangin out...and well you sorta look like an ass. The "poser sag" is when you got on some pants that would fit you if you were to wear them like they were meant to be worn...on your waist dipshit! The signature move of the "poser sag" is when the pants are pulled to midway down the ass and the belt is tightened to keep them there. Another would be when the poser in question feels the pants getting to low, rather than pulling them up where they should be he pulls them...ding, ding, ding we've got a midway down his ass. The "poser sag" is usually, but not always, accompanied by a "popped"collar. What ever happened to just gettin your pants like 1 size bigger so you're shit could be a little baggy?

Benny recently heard that Boyz II Men was tourin again...but did they have to bring back the jean shorts too? Here Benny thought jean shorts went out somewhere between 1999 and NEVER WERE in style. If you're the only cat in the club parlayin in some jean shorts, or you're 1 of 2 dudes at the Mariners/Red Sox game rockin them...then it's time to take your "Hip Hop Starter Kit" back to Marshalls, Denim Dan; and get a refund, store credit, gift card, sumthin...shit...maybe they could give you some credit here.

Whew, wow, Benny isn't quite sure where all that came was like he was a man posessed. Must been the liquor still in his system from Sunday night. Willy Dough up in the spot too, Benny see's you, just gon jump on in there with some shit like's not even in ALL CAPS. Awww, Catch, our little baby's all grows up! Peace.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Good "One"

It’s been two days since we went to the Blu/One Be Lo show. Two veeeeerrrrrryyyy long days. I’ve been meaning to write this for a minute, but the sound of the keyboard was like a gun going off next to my ear for the first couple hours on Monday morning. Took a bit to get rid of the hangover enough so to be able to write something. Lesson learned here: cheap vodka can fuck off!
So before we could hit the show, me and B had to drive to the north end of town to pick up another cat. Let me explain a few things about dude: he smokes more than you, drinks more than you, and plans so well for each event that he’ll have whatever you need, whenever you need it! He’s a good guy, but terrible at giving directions, especially after multiple blunts (“if you could go straight, that’s what you would do, but …” there’s a big fucking wall right there in your way.)
Anyways, the vodka began flowing at like 7 at this pizza joint across the street from the venue - I don’t know what it is with me and vodka lately, but I can’t get enough of it. Food? Check. Couple quick drinks? Check. Shots too? Check. Doors opened at 8, and we were good to go.
Walk in at like 8:15, lineup sheet says the first act doesn’t go until 9:30… fuck. Hit the bar. Bartender pours me a vodka soda in shot glass. Thanks bud, I’ll need about 10 more of those please. Chop Suey is the name of the joint, and it was aptly decorated with dragons and shit. It’s small as hell in there, which is cool because the bar is like 20 feet from the stage, but also lame because it felt like we were in a fucking deep fryer! The math goes like this: body heat of a couple hundred cats + no ventilation – air conditioning + the extra 75 l-b’s I’m carrying = gat damn! Someone get me some water… and a towel!
Finally, about four shot-glass-sized wodkas later, the show started. First act was pretty good: local group called the Physics. Sound quality was a little rough, but they had the place jumpin’ here and there. Next up was another local act that I’d heard a lot about, but never seen: Macklemore. Dude put on a good-ass show! He was flowing over that Herbie Hancock joint from Beverly Hills Cop at one point, wearing a denim jacket with hella tassles… sounds gay, but it was funny as shit! Dude can rhyme!
Quick side-note for you. Benny is that guy. Which guy you might ask? That guy: the one who wears a One Be Lo shirt to the One Be Lo show. Pretty gay you say? I would agree. But, beings that One Be Lo was walking around the joint, and Benny got to chat with him a couple times – and he took pictures with us after the show – I guess I’ll let B slide this time… but it’s still gay.
So Blu was supposed to go last according to the list up front (which I think was written in crayon, by a five year old, but I digress), and instead took the stage third. I slammed my latest vodka soda (lost count by this point) and went out to the floor. I was not disappointed. This dude is one of my favorites right now, and he reminded me why rocking several joints from Below the Heavens and a couple I haven’t heard yet. Short set, but sick as fuck.

I’d write more for you, maybe give you some actual details, but I really don’t remember much from about the mid-way point of Blu until the end. I remember One Be Lo putting on quite the show, and the crowd getting hype all throughout, but it’s all a little fuzzy.
(One more side note: this is why I keep all my ticket stubs, otherwise I’d forget all the shows I’ve been to.) Anyways, after the show we talked to One for a few, snapped a couple pics and said peace.

All in all: good shit.

All four acts were nice, and well worth the measly $10 ticket – despite the fact that I’ll be looking for a new shirt to replace the sweat soaked one I wore to the show. As for the hangover I had from the shitty vodka? I guess I earned it with my $70 bar tab. At least I remembered to close my tab though… *cough* Benny.

Monday, May 26, 2008

It's about that time..

Yeah Ya'll, it's about that time for Willy Dough to come through and shine. First off, when did we as hip hop fans go from gold ropes and graffiti cans to tight pants and backpacks and internet sensations on You Tube. I am the first to give props to a tight artist but this is getting ridiculous. My top 5 artist in the deck right now, that should be in yours.
In no particular order;
Lupe Fiasco- After listening to his new album and his freshman I really dig the kid from the Go.
Bun B- Still holding it down for the South for all these years, and now worldwide.
Local Scene Pick- Dyme Def, 3 bad brothers most dont know so well, but soon will.
Ghostface Killah- On of my favorite rappers of all time, allways spits classics.
Mistah F.A.B-The Hyphy movement Ambassador.
I hope that you listen to some of these artist if you have never before and if your listening to that "Lollipop" I have something for you bitches to lick, no homo..ha ha.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Just saw this shit over at the smoking section... got up off the floor long enough to post it here (just make sure you get to the :41 mark!): - Watch more free videos

What I wouldn't give for some sound on this one...

One Man Army AKA One Be Lo...

Today IS gonna be a good day. Benny and Catch are gonna head over to Chop Suey tonight and not only see Blu and One Be Lo but Macklemore and The Physics as well...should make for some good entertainment. Benny first saw One Be Lo bout a year ago at The Showbox after is first album S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. came was some good listenin so he copped the album. This album was raw, but you could tell the dude has skills. Now it's a year later and One Be Lo got a new album out, The R.E.B.I.R.T.H., you know Benny had to cop that album as well...and Benny has to say he is a fan. The R.E.B.I.R.T.H. is a more polished album, lyrically sick and beats to match.

Yeah, but Benny, what ties does he have to NW hip hop, he's from Pontiac Michigan? Well, you mean besides atleast 4 tracks off The R.E.B.I.R.T.H produced by Seattle's own Jake One (Smash, and The G Gap), Vitamin D (Don't Sleep) and Bean One (War)...One Be Lo is "currently the only MC member of the World Famous Massive Monkee's who won the B-Boy World Championships, hosted by London in 2004". BANG...ask and you shall receive bitches. Actually it was just a coincidence that Benny found when he started listenin...don't go thinkin that Benny can connect anyone to NW hip hop like we was playin 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon!

So if you don't wanna believe Benny, go check the dude out at his myspace or his label, Subterraneous Records, where you can get the albums as well. Also, here is another article that should tell you more. So, I guess you can say that Benny is "Feelin" One Be Lo...NO HOMO! Peace.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gotta big day tomorrow, biiiiig day!

"...we're going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time."

Just fuckin' with you. But two of the Disco Tres DO have a big day: me and B are hitting the Blu/One Be Lo/Macklemore show here in the Emerald City tomorrow night. To me, there's no one better in the "up-and-coming crew" than Blu; that cat is ready to blow the roof off the underground! If you don't already know, you probably should find another blog to be reading, but if you want a refresher course from the Blu-school, peep here first. Then you can check his releases here ("Fat as Biggie, no Pun intended") here, and here. Seriously though, BUY THAT SHIT!!! You won't be disappointed. One Be Lo is also Holyfield, but I'll let Benny speak to that. Trav over at WYDU did a nice interview (as usual) with him though. Should be a sick show - especially for $10... I feel like I'm robbin' these cats! We'll put up some pics and let yall know afterwards. One.

Let's get it started...

Guess it is time to, as they say, shit or get off the pot! So Benny wanted to just take a second of your time to go ahead and introduce himself...Benny B y'all. Benny's first love is hip hop, but he ain't gonna be that guy in the club with the stunna shades on, he'll leave that to Willy Dough. He definitly ain't that one dimensional cat either, his tastes are all over the place. One day it might be Brotha Lynch to Talib Kweli, the next might be the smooth sound of John Coltrane. Benny is like a dog, he got his nose up every skirt that comes near!

As Catch said though, Benny does enjoy him some NW sound. Shout out to Blue Scholars, Common Market, Gabriel Teodros, Grynch, D Black, Macklemore, them Dyme Def cats, Grieves, Ohmega Watts, and anyone else from the NW out there in the game. Benny sees you and, more importantly hears you. That bein said, Benny's gonna post on a hodgepodge of shit...local, mainstream, underground, shows that he went to...basically whatever he is feelin that hour, day, week, whatever. Some will like it, some won't but it's all about Benny's opinion. You know what they say about opinions.... Hopefully, though, you will like what Catch, Willy, and Benny are tryin to do here and that will keep you comin back!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Time has come...

What up yall? So, it's been a long time, but I think we're finally ready to start bringing you some shit. Nowadays, there's so many blogs out there that we felt it was necessary to put some thought into this piece; who needs another half-ass, no creativity site that makes you wish you didn't just waste your time peeping it? With that in mind, hopefully you'll like what we do here.

So you have an idea, we're just three longtime friends with a lifelong love of hip hop. Willy Dough is the resident thizz expert, and you can expect to see him sporting his stunner shades on these pages (he's not just about the bay, but it seems like it sometimes!) Benny... he's like that all-over-the-board-cat that checks it all, but keeps a particularly close eye on the local Northwest flavor. I guess I'm the resident backpacker: I love me some "golden years" shit, but I still hunt for the young cats that are doing it for the love of the art form.

All in all, I think you'll like the mix we bring, and if not well, fuck you. We do this shit because we eat, sleep and breathe hip hop. Feel free to hit us up at any time in the c-box or at We're doing this buffet-style, so pull up a chair, grab a fork, and dig in...