Friday, February 27, 2015

Shit man, more drama?

In the latest video/track from Action Bronson, Mr. Wonderful himself asks the same question I recently presented to my ex-wife: WHY YOU OUT HERE ACTIN' CRAZY?

This video makes me happy.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Let's Talk About Feelings.

New track and video from a Seattle favorite:


Not a bad thing to say about that.

I've heard it said that Grieves is "a little too emo". What the fuck does that even mean? Are we still pretending we don't have feelings? I musta missed the memo. For me, part of becoming the man I should be means being able to understand how I'm feeling, why I'm feeling it, and how to deal with it (rather than getting hammered and breaking some Ikea furniture). Call me gay. Maybe you didn't get the memo about that....shit is played out. One thing I have always respected about Grieves is that he puts it all out there. That takes real courage. It helps that he is talented, and lyrical. Also, this dude puts on a show. So, next time you get a chance to see him perform, do it. Years ago, we shared a conversation (at a Prof Mill Creek. Weird.) We spoke of our love for whisky, particularly the Rye variety, and blonde women from Utah (or Sweden. Take your pick.) Which brings me to my favorite track of his from a few years back:


Now go file your TPS reports. Make sure you use the new cover sheet.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

That's Fucked Up Man. You Should Do Something.

Soooo, I guess it's 2014 now. I did not make a list of resolutions. That would have interfered with my drinking. However, I would like to start posting Hip Hop related things regularly again. Let's start there.

The homies over at SubSoniq Radio just dropped a fresh episode with a FILTHY playlist. Definitely worth checking out. Just click HERE. Download it, stream it, or get the Stitcher Radio app for your phone and subscribe there. If you have listened before, you will recognize a familiar voice that has been absent for quite some time. Gangsta Mittens must have decided to take a break from drinking Mojitos and complaining about her cat's unruly behavior to step up to the mic. As usual, her commentary and track picks are always enjoyable. If you haven't listened before, start. Stay tuned until the end for some outtakes, including a perfect RZA impression by K-Murdock.

Ok. Gotta go sign up for yoga or some shit. It's 2014. I should do something.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Straight Outta....What the FUCK?!

You know how sometimes you are at a party, surrounded by people, and then you and a couple other people decide to sneak out to the garage to "do" something? Well, it has been a while for me, but a couple nights ago, that's is exactly what Catch, Benny, and myself did. I know what you're thinking, but there was no smoke or white powder involved. It was something much more pure and enjoyable:


P.S. Thanks to my brother TorqueLoins for the connect.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Hi everybody, it's me, BrainSlice. I am alive (reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated. I wasn't stabbed to death in Salt Lake City), even though I haven't been writing. So, back to business.

Every so often, an album comes along and makes me feel something. Not something like "this is good music", more like something I forgot. My childhood, the wonder and excitement of discovering. Losing yourself in the experience, forgetting everything else that is swirling around you in everyday life and just being in the moment. It's more and more difficult to have that these days. Kids, career, bills, ex-wives (yeah, the plural is intentional), injuries, phone notifications, acid flashbacks, vertigo, roosters crowing, dogs shitting in your yard, software updates, empty whisky bottles, laundry, email spam, blood and vomit stains on your shoe, seeds and stems, acid flashbacks..oh wait I already said that. Anyway, when an album does this for me, and I am truly lost, transported somewhere, be it a real or imaginary place, I am content. 

One record comes to mind right now:

Guilty Simpson "Dice Game" - yes, I am aware that this one is not new. It's still fresh to me though, and I ain't even trying to impress any of y'all by being the first to write a review or some shit. Fuck that. This album makes me FEEL Detroit. Apollo Brown and Guilty are both masterful, and I get lost in the landscape of the Motor City every time I put it on. Go buy it, because I know your cheap ass didn't already, if you've even listened to it.

Monday, October 7, 2013

It’s Monday. Get yourself some “Folk Hop” in your life…

A typical October day in the Great Northwest equals: chilly, overcast, and overall dreary.  You get used to it, but when you’ve been spoiled by such an amazing summer, it takes a minute to submit to the return of FallInterIng - the three seasons not named “Summer,” that seem to blend together around here.  Throw in a case of the Mondays, and one could understand my less than stellar mood today.
Luckily, Jasper T. and John Crown got my back.   These two local cats got together a little while ago, and not only made the fusion of folk and hip-hop work on their first collabs, “The Lily” and “Julie,” they straight said “fuck your genres” and killed it on stage together for some full sets I was lucky enough to catch.  Somehow, it just works.  And their new single, “Broken Singer Blues 2.0” continues the trend:  Heartfelt strings, lyrics and vocals flow together nicely over a sick beat…Northwest wizardry, my friends.
Coined “Folk Hop” by its creator, this is the first cut from Jasper’s soon-to-drop remix project, featuring a flood of talented local producers from the likes of Keyboard Kid, DJ Phinnesy, and Trox, who happens to bless the beat on “BSB2.0.”  I could drop more names and reasons why you should also be looking forward to The Sweet Dark, Pt. 1 Remix EP, but I don’t need to.  Just listen to this song, buy it, and tell Monday to suck it.  Peep:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Joellpocalypse Awaits...

Y'all didn't know....AYCE lives, son!!!  In this celebration of blogger life, me and BrainSlice are tradin' lines...take it (literally, line for line).  So, Kendrick said somethin'...then Joell said somethin' else...and then B.o.B ('amember him?) replied as well...and then I said "who really gives a shit, because Joe just finally found his balls and moved to the REAL town?"
Yeah, so I'm here fuckers (no not the Internet, I'm actually in the Emerald City), and I have drunk too much vodka, so fuck ya'll; there's lots of good raps going on.
And some not so good ones, too (turn on the radio), but that's neither here nor there...bottom line is that everyone thinks Kendrick did something wrong, or offensive. Stop it.
Yeah...what he said. Or something. Anyway, we like hip hop, and we like talmbout hip hop...and we not going anywhere. One.